Will Guests Recommend Your Hotel to others?

In the hotel industry, the number of reviews your hotel receives has a direct impact on a hotel’s reputation. The hotel management’s main focus is to create a customer-centric environment to get positive reviews in the end.

Hotels tend to organize anniversary dinners, business meetings, or honeymoons. The good customer experience directly ensures the hoteliers that, will the customer come back for more visits or not.

Creating a good guest experience is also important as the guest can directly suggest your hotel to more people which means getting more customers in the future. Let us study some best practices used by hotel managers to encourage more guest reviews.


Surprise Your Guest Pleasantly


Avoid setting expectations for the guest using advertisement and marketing that are impossible to achieve. Guest feel more satisfied when they are surprised to see your commendable services. Make sure to provide a customer-centric environment where guest can feel relaxed and comfortable. Having a strong eye on competitor’s services is a good way to make a guest feel happy for choosing your hotel.


Adele Gutman of HK Hotels – which runs some of the most popular guest-reviewed websites in New York, shares this advice:

“You need to WOW them. You need to give them something to talk about. You need to shower your guest with so many magical moments that they leave the hotel excited and inspired to take the time to want to share their experience with the world. People like to do nice things for nice people.”


Give Options to the Guest


Options For Guests


Hotels and resorts around the world are adding pillow menus as a way to cater to individual needs and indulge their guests. Make sure to adopt this type of strategies to make your hotel feel unique to a guest. You can also introduce new bedding to the guest by giving them several options to choose from.


Introduce Wellness Hubs to the Guest



Hospitality is the industry that moves along with the latest innovations and every hotel is already aware of how important it is work for the proper health of their guest. Nowadays, hotels are turning their full-scale gyms into wellness centers to attract people. You can also offer relaxing spas or fitness centers for customer’s good health.


How to ask Customer for Reviews?

Explain to the customers that how they can give reviews to your hotel. Tell them about the hotel booking sites where hotels are ranked according to its reviews. Also, give your guest options, don’t give them only limited options for websites where they can write a review.