Where to buy hotel bed sheets?

Hotel owners need to invest in quality h0tel bed sheets and other products to provide premium satisfaction to their guests. Hence, they buy the best bedding products from any leading hotel linen manufacturer who provides products that promise quality at a competent price.

The reason hotel owners buy from leading hotel linen suppliers is that they use the best quality material and the latest technology to produce bedding linens of exceptional quality. Such bedding linens manifest luxurious appeal, durability and anti-wrinkle properties.

Today you can find bed sheets made of all sorts of materials such as polyester, linen, rayon and blends – but 100% cotton are still the top-rated and the most common fabric hotel owners prefer. The reason is simple – its soft, durable, breathable and gives you a natural feel against your skin. But with so many multiple options, it’s often hard to choose which sheet is worth enough to buy

How quality is determined?

The quality of bed sheets is often determined by the thread count; meaning the number of threads per square inch of material. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Yarn quality also plays a vital role in the look and feel of sheets as finer yarn create a finer sheets fabric.

Which material is the best?

The 100% cotton is most popular choice as it feels natural and soft but poly/cotton blends are usually more durable but less expensive and less prone to wrinkling. If you plan to buy cotton, long-staple fibers are often smoother and more durable.

Where to buy best quality sheets?

Dzee Textiles LLC USA can offer you high quality bed sheets on affordable prices as we are the leading linen manufacturer and supplier in the USA for over 15 years.


Top 5 Best Bed Sheets to Buy 2019


T-200 – Made to last

Dress your guest beds with our crease resistant T-200 bedsheets that are finely woven with 60/40 cotton rich blend meant exclusively for durability.



T-180 – Simply Economical

Our T-180 are the most economical bed sheets that are specially designed for economical range motels.


T-250 Sheets – The Shining Star

Uniquely processed for softness and a crispy look, the luxury satin T250 are the Swiss Stripe sheets with 8mm tone-on-tone stripes.


T-300 – Our Pride

The T-300 remains our premium quality bed sheet to ensure that you, the customer,  gets a first-class product.


ICON 300 – The Primo

ICON 300 sheets are made from premium combed yarn for strength and durability with micro white finish for elegance.

At D-ZEE Textiles LLC, we provide what we claim. Our hospitality products are manufactured with the highest quality materials meant for comfort and durability.

Our mission is to deliver value to you in the form of superior quality hospitality products at affordable prices.