Irrespective of their strength and durability, your hotel pillows will eventually lose their softness and texture in a couple of years and you would need to repurchase!

Whether you like it or not, but your pillows will become a huge bunch of trash much sooner than you think, if you do not take care of them which includes proper washing and drying. Would a good hygiene make your pillows last longer? Yes, longer but of course not forever!

The pillows will become less fluffy and a new stock will have to replace the old one. However, you don’t have to worry about throwing away the old pillows because there is a lot you can do with them. Read this short blog to find out.

If your hotel is pet-friendly and allows guests to bring their pets along, then you don’t have to worry at all! Old pillows make perfect floor beds for pets and give a luxurious experience to the four-legged gorgeous creatures.


You can also join two pillows together to make the floor bed more spacious and comfortable. But if you do not host pets in your hotels, you may donate these to animal shelter homes and help the animals sleep and cuddle better.

In fact, research shows that pets love sleeping on old pillows because they smell like humans, so it’s a win-win.

You may also transform your old pillows into custom-sized cushions to give a luxurious feel to your hotel room. These cushions could be used as a bed decorative or for sofas and tables in the room and will be perfect for outdoor hotel dining. Not to forget, you can make seats for your tables by combining the filling of two or more pillows so hotel guests rest on fluffy and comfortable seating instead of wooden or hard surfaces. A seat and back cushion can also be made for chairs for a new and comfortable look.


If you want to keep yourself from the extra effort, then you may go ahead and donate your pillows to any shelter home or recycling center and enjoy a new stock of hypoallergenic pillows.