Lot of research and experience goes in manufacturing soft and durable hotel bed sheets as these bed sheets go through rigorous and frequent laundering. In this blog, we will outline what goes in to deliver a soft and strong optical white hotel sheets.


The Thickness of the Thread

It is actually the quality and fineness of the yarn that makes the hotel bed linens super soft and durable. The finer the yarn material used to manufacture the fabric for sheets, the softer the sheets. Do you know that linens with a higher thread count are made with finer yarns, meaning that more yarns can fit into each square inch? This not only makes the fabric smoother and sheets are softer and more durable.

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Thread Count

If you have ever been a hotel housekeeping manager, a linen buyer, a bed sheet retailer, or any sort of consumer of bedding products – you must have come across the term “thread count” like zillion times. Higher thread count sheets usually mean sheets with fine yarn, that’s why people say that the higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheet.

A good standard hotel sheet must be of minimum 200 threads in one square inch. This is pronounced as a T-200 white bed sheet by hospitality bed sheet manufacturers.

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Fiber Type

When it comes to fiber, 100% cotton is the most popular as it feels natural and soft but poly/cotton blends are usually more durable but less expensive and less prone to wrinkling. If you plan to buy cotton, long-staple fibers are often smoother and more durable. As hotel bed sheets go through frequent institutional laundering a good hotel bed sheet is made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester composition to achieve a balance in strength and its softness.

The Weave and Loom Technology Converts a Quality Yarn into Quality Fabric

A good T-200 hotel sheet is made fabric woven on Airjet looms using a single pick technology. Single pick means a single warp and weft yarn goes one up one down in fabric weaving. A modern airjet loom weaves tightly woven fabric. As only high quality ring spun yarn can perform on airjet loom it is easily ensured that bed sheets made from fabric woven on air-jet looms are softer, smoother and stronger than the ones made on older shuttle less looms with double pick weaving technology.

As an example, ICON T-200 sheets sold by D ZEE textiles are made from fine ring spun yarn on air-jet loom using single pick technology.


A Clean Optical White Sheet is What Guests Expect

After the fabric is manufactured the fabric is processed for achieve desired whiteness. It is of utmost importance that a good hotel sheet does not turn yellow or lose its whiteness even after numerous washes.

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