Every guest at a hotel looks in for some luxury and comfort on their stay. While searching for hotel rooms online, most of the travelers’ search in for hotels that have attractive rooms with modern style bedding and bathrooms.

Just like pure white bedding in a hotel room, towels can also be a great factor for creating a luxurious experience for the guest. No matter how long a guest has planned to stay in a hotel, every hotelier wants to provide the most customer-friendly environment to their guest by supplying the right amenities.

Choosing the right bathroom amenities is not an easy task at all, the management of the hotel has to browse various sites to find out the right supplier. There are many factors which need to be considered while buying towels such as the material, border design, and quality etc.

If you’re thinking about purchasing towels for your hotel but don’t know where to start then this hotel towels guide will surely help you. This guide breaks down important purchasing features so that you can make the best selection.


Towel Size

Choosing a new set of towels for your hotel might seem easy, all you have to do is pick some over-sized towel in a pleasant color, right? When shopping for towels, buyers often overlook some major factors, such as from material and surface to thickness and absorbency. Among all these important factors, size is also a relevant detail.

Wash Cloth: Whether you own a spa, hotel, or bed and breakfast, having quality washcloths for your business is really important. A washcloth can simply be used by the guest to wipe out their face.

Hand Towel: A hand towel is significantly smaller than a bath towel, generally, starting from (16×27) to (16×30) used for drying hands.

Bath Towel: The purpose of a bath towel is to dry out your body after you have taken a bath or shower, therefore, it is important that the towel is engineered for high absorbency, durability and superior performance during institutional laundering for a repetitive use.

Bath Mat: A bath mat is a piece of material that you stand on after getting out of a bath or shower to stop the floor from getting wet therefore it is important that you look in for 100% cotton mats that are highly absorbent.

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Towel Weight

The first thing which a hotel guest usually check in the room is the bathroom. It’s like the ultimate test of standards. There are various common luxuries that need to be highlighted in a hotel room to attract the guests, most importantly white fresh towels.

GSM also known as grams per square meter is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric.

300 – 400 GSM: Lightweight and easy to dry.

400 – 620 GSM: These towels are ideal for bath use with high absorbency and thickness.

620 – 900 GSM These towels are known for its premium luxury weight. They are denser, thicker, and absorbent.

Among all the important factors including material, border design, and quality, the weight of towel is equally important. The heavier the weight of your towel the more luxurious it will feel to your guests, and the more water it can absor

Here are some reasons why thick towels are a great addition to your supply:

1. The soft, weighty feel gives a sense of maximum comfort and luxury.

2. Thick towels are incredibly absorbent.

3. Thicker towels tend to be able to withstand more wear and tear.

Towel Material

There are various types of towels available in the market but generally, most of the towels are made of cotton.  At D-ZEE Textiles LLC we manufacture and distribute an extensive range of essential, elegant and durable hospitality products. Our products go through rigorous quality control systems to ensure that they withstand institutional laundering and deliver a significantly higher number of washes.

Fabric type is the most important feature of a bath towel. Here are some of the most common material you’ll find on your website.

Poly-cotton Blend: These towels are usually engineered with loops of 100% cotton for high absorbency, poly cotton blend under weave for reduced shrinkage and lint with an overall blend of 86% cotton & 14% Polyester. These towels are a perfect combination of durability, comfort, and economy.

Ring Spun Cotton: These towels are made from 100% ring spun premium long-staple cotton yarn. This is one of the finest and softest towels for upscale institutional use. The towel gives a lush, soft and absorbent.

Egyptian Cotton: It is made from soft and silky natural and premium long-staple cotton yarn. It has excellent absorbency and drying properties with a micro white finish.

Towel Design

For every hotelier, guest comfort should come first before purchasing any type of linen. It is essential to provide a memorable bath experience to a hotel guest. The towels should be satisfying enough to provide a good impression after the bath.

At D-ZEE Textiles LLC you’ll find a variety of towel designs offered in the market including classic single cam, double dobby, and piano dobby borders.

Cam Border: It has a flat weave texture usually highlighted on the top and bottom of the towel.

Dobby Border: It has a decorative weave that can consist of many unique designs and patterns.

Piano Dobby Border: This type of border features elegant stripes lining on the edge of the towel that resembles piano keys.

Towel Color

You have probably never thought about it but try to imagine any five-star linen that isn’t white? The hoteliers in the past has spent so much time in finding colorful and patterned sheets but forgot that white is the symbol of luxury and it is the only way to transform a plain room into a luxurious and comfortable one.

Here are some advantages of using white towels in your hotel.

1. White is considered to be the color of perfection.

2. White is a sign of purity and cleanliness.

3. White towels do not fade out due to the usage of strong stain removals.

4. Easy to find the dirt or stain, so that can be changed and sent for rewash.

5. While buying hotel linen in bulk, the white cost is comparatively less.

6. White matches with the other interiors of the room.


Pool Towel Guide

Stepping out from the pool and being wrapped in a warm, fluffy towel feels comforting to every guest at your hotel. To help you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes, we have gathered some important points that you need to consider while buying a pool towel.

1. Your beach towels should be wider than your bath towels for instant drying.

2. All edges must be hemmed for longevity which gives them a clean edge with no loose threads.

3. Double-needle stitching in pool towel is prepared to confront institutional laundering.

4. Vat-dyed and fade-resistant finish provides a color that withstands harsh chemicals such as chlorine used in pools and the industrial laundering process.

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