Reasons Why You Must Travel Alone Once in Your Life


Why do we always want to travel with someone? Why do we dream of having a crazy graduation trip with our friends to an adventurous place? Why do we fancy a honeymoon with our husband to a mesmerizing place? Why do we never plan a trip alone to a naturally blessed place? Why do we not think of having the adventures alone? Here are some of the reasons why you need to travel alone at least once in your life:

1. You Can Act Crazy

When you are alone, you are yourself! You can lick the leftover ice cream from the packet or look around and start running to catch the bus because nobody would laugh at you later. You can walk up to that gorgeous girl at the coffee shop and ask her to have a donut with you, without wondering how you would go back to your friends if she refuses. Travelling alone means you can have your crazy and embarrassing moments and without feeling shy or uncomfortable.

2. You Can Spend Wherever You Want

Remember your last trip when you wanted to buy something but your family didn’t like it or found it too expensive? When you are on your own, you can spend wherever you want, be it on the overly-expensive Chinese restaurant or skydiving. You will get to do whatever you want and make the decisions yourself. You may go short on cash by the end of the trip but you will never regret anything!

3. You Will Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes it is difficult to do different things unless you are forced to. You wouldn’t feel the need to interact with new people if you have friends along nor would you really make the effort and take the scary roller-coaster ride if none of your friends are. It is all about doing things you wouldn’t want to otherwise or wouldn’t be able to. When you will travel alone, you will be surprised at your own potential of having fun just with yourself.

So, are you ready to board alone?


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