Tips to Bring Guests Back to Your Hotel


It is sad, isn’t it, when you do everything in your power to make your guests feel at home yet they don’t come back to your hotel? Maybe they have not traveled since then or they chose to stay in another hotel or perhaps you didn’t make the right effort to bring them back. Sometimes guests need a reason to travel or come to you and as a responsible and smart hotel management, you must never be short for such reasons. Here are some of the things you can do to seduce your guests for another trip.


1. A Surprise On Their Revisit

Everyone loves to know that someone out there cares about them or misses them. Your guests know you are most likely to host hundreds of guests every now and then and that they might be just the next door girl for you, but telling them you miss them and wish they were with you, would change their entire plan. Knowing that you felt their absence will convince them that travelling is the only thing they need right now. Promise them that you have something waiting for them on their revisit and wait for the wonders.


2. A Discount On The Airline Ticket

Sometimes people want to travel and explore the world but their wallets don’t let them. You may ask why we are suggesting a discount on the ticket instead on your hotel services. A big plan starts from the first little step which is also the hardest and if they know that flying is now easier, they would feel that the entire trip wouldn’t be as difficult as they think. Give them the key to get up and travel by offering a small discount on their airline ticket or a special discount on a certain airline that you partner with so they get going already.

3. A Reminder Of Their Last Visit

We often forget what we are missing out on until we are reminded of the good old times. If their visit to your hotel was a pleasant one, they would love to come back. But, you need to remind them that you loved having them, such as a snapshot of the room they stayed in or a picture of what they ate, using your database, to foster the feelings of nostalgia. Remembering of the good old times will bring back the memories they created, developing an urge to live those days all over again.


4. A Glimpse Of Your New Offerings

Guests like to think that a lot must have changed from the last time they visited you hotel and so it is. Your guests need to find out what you are doing these days to enhance their experience, to convince and intimidate them in trusting you again. Why shouldn’t they try some other hotel since they have already been to you once? Because you have so much new and more to offer that their visit would be a treat! Sending them your new services and telling them how they would enjoy more would be helpful.


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