Things Your Hotel Guests Do in the First 15 Minutes of Their Arrival


Have you ever wondered what do the guests have to say about you when they leave your hotel or what is it that they liked the most? But, most importantly what is the first thing they do when they enter your hotel room, after jumping on the bed, of course! Maybe it is turning on the television and switching to a news channel or opening the window for a breath of fresh air, you never know! We have listed three things that almost all your guests do, and so do we. Read this article as a guide to enhance your services by giving value to things that guests notice first.

1. Making sure there is nobody else in the room

Guests want to make sure there is nobody else in the room. But why would someone else be in the room when the room is assigned to them? Yeah, that’s what you think but maybe the housekeeping staff hasn’t finished cleaning yet or the previous guests haven’t left already? The first thing a hotel guest does is looking around the room, behind the curtains and in the toilet to ensure it’s just him in the room! A lock that states whether a room is occupied or vacant will be helpful for the guests to be sure before entering the room.

2.Turning the ‘Do Not Disturb’ card

Last thing guests ever want in the first thirty minutes is the housekeeping staff knocking at the door, therefore, they immediately turn the Do Not Disturb card. Guests want to know the room and find out where the television remote is, how to make bubbles in the jacuzzi, what does the hotel have on the menu and more, before they make any interaction. Let them have space and privacy they need because they wish to relax while they are away from home. How about you let them get to you themselves if they need anything, yeah?

3.Ensuring that there aren’t any bedbugs

Let’s be honest here! We all know guests fear that the hotel bedsheets and duvets are never washed and are absolutely sure that they would find bedbugs. One of the first things they do is dust the bed and look for bedbugs, but you have to make sure there aren’t any! Some guests may even take off the bedsheet and pillow covers to look for bedbugs. Any stain will, of course, make them think of the bed bugs, so make sure your bedsheets and pillows are crystal white!


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