Things You Should Never Say to Your Hotel Guests

Things You Should Never Say to Your Hotel Guests

Hotel guests expect to have a wonderful time on their trip, with everything falling into the right place. With so much on their mind, even the smallest incident or event can ruin their moods or make them unhappy with your service, therefore, you have to be meticulous about what you say to your guests. Ah, are you wondering how you would train each of your staff member to not say the wrong things which might not even be wrong for you? He-He. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t ever say to the guests and you’ll be good to go!

Things You Should Never Say to Your Hotel Guests

1. ‘You Look Tired’

Guests are on their toes all the time because they want to make the most of their trip. Late night parties and exploring the city till dawn leads to dark circles, puffy eyes and swollen face because of lack of sleep. However, you must never tell them they look tired or exhausted as no one wants to hear that. You can instead tell them ‘We are sure your trip is going crazy. We would like to offer our body massage that will help relieve stress and shall make you feel better’.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Hotel Guests

2. ‘It isn’t a part of our menu’

The last thing your guests ever want to hear is that you don’t serve their favorite dish or that they have to order from somewhere else if they feel like having that particular dish. They believe that your hotel should have everything they could possibly ask for because that is why they chose to stay with you. But what would you say when you actually don’t serve it? How about you arrange it for them and mention that ‘We didn’t have the dish in-house but we made sure that all your desires are satisfied’.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Hotel Guests

3. ‘You’ll have to wait for a while’

Nobody wants to wait for anything on normal days and while they are on vacations? Naah! Every time you make them wait for something, their mind thinks of how they wouldn’t have to wait if they hadn’t laid their expectations with you. You too cannot always give what your guests ask for on exactly the time they asked at, but you can be smart in your answers. How about you tell them ‘We want your experience to be an amazing one which will take us about 10 minutes to arrange. We hope you are looking forward to it’.


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