These are the Things Your Guests Want from Your Hotel but Never Tell You


Just like you hope your guests to love your hotel and appreciate your services, guests have certain expectations from you too. They choose you to be a part of their trip which is not only important to them but is also close to their hearts. Ever wonder what every guests secretly hopes to find in your hotel but might not say it out loud? Yeah? You’ll have fun reading the article!


1. Not-so-Talkative Yet Helpful Staff

Oh Yes! They want your staff to speak as less as they can, because they have finally taken out time from their busy schedules to escape and they don’t really want to know about your services and offers. Just let them be but your staff members have to be kind and gentle when need be but make sure they do not try to be over-friendly!


2. Perfect Wi-Fi, Please?

We all understand that a bit of interruption in the internet is natural and sometimes almost impossible to resolve. The guests understand too. But they secretly hope if the Wi-Fi is perfect to facilitate their social media and work related activities. Vacations are all about taking hundreds of pictures and uploading them for friends and family, so umm, if the Wi-Fi could just be perfect? *Giggles*.


3. Lots and Lots of Snacks

Mmm! Your guests want you to stock the fridge and room with lots of drinks, chips, chocolates and candies so they can have light snacks and keep munching whenever they feel like. Half the times they are too tired and lethargic to ring the room services nor want to get out of the bed and have a meal. The more the snacks, the happier the guests!


4. Affordable Salons, He-He?

An affordable blow-dry before the guests leave the hotel to please the tourist inside them and a body message after they return from a tiring day, is what every guest desires! Get them an affordable and luxurious salon and spa to make their stay ah-mazing!


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