Luxury and Comfort; Have a look at our Swiss Stripes sheets and covers collection

Guests having the most comfortable sleep, what else does a hotel owner want to achieve a good reputation?


Comfortable sleep after a long travel is something all guest would want and we all know that good quality bed sheets and pillow are the important aspects of good sleep. Hotels always keep their guest comfort on a priority basis and do all the possible changes to their hotel rooms which people are demanding the most. Bed sheets and pillows are the two common factors available in the hotel room that a guest should never complain about.


If you’re currently looking for ways to improve the quality of your guests’ stay, upgrading your existing sheets to a quality bedding can be the right option.


Today we are introducing to you the most amazing sheets, just like the one you were looking for.


Swiss Stripes Luxury Satin Sheets

The Swiss Stripe Luxury Sheets are constructed in a Sateen weave using 60% Combed Cotton and 40% Polyester blend with 8mm tone-on-tone stripes. Double-singed, mercerized and calendared with micro-white and crease-resistant finishing.


The 3-inch top hem and 1-inch bottom hem adds a classy look with deep pockets for a snug fit and firm hold to any shape. It also offers a luxurious sheen and softness due to its sateen weave.


Reduce housekeeping costs and eliminate the need to frequently restock with high-performance stitching to stand up to institutional laundering and save time with Easy ID color-coded hems and labels, which enhance productivity by simplifying the sorting and bed make-up process.



Sateen Stripe Duvet Cover

60% Combed Cotton 40% Polyester in Sateen weave with a thread count of 250, 8mm stripes (identical to Swiss Stripes Sheeting), envelop style Sateen Stripe Duvet Cover with interior ties to hold fast. Available in King and Full/Queen sizes with 12 each in a case packing.


Swiss Stripes Pillow Case

8mm tone-on-tone stripes and 3″ hem for a luxurious look. Double signed, mercerized and calendared for softness and a crisp look.


Anti-pilling and crease-resistant finish for convenience. This Swiss Stripes Pillow Case includes deep pockets for thick mattresses and color-coded hem, label, inserts, and carton for easy identification.


Who are we?

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All products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to maintain high-quality control standards so our customers get high-quality products that are not only comfortable to use but have an extended service life.


 Our extensive warehouse facility and distribution management system ensures product availability and fast delivery to cater to requirements at any time, without delays.

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