Every hotel strives hard to provide its guests a home away from home, and part of that is making sure that linens used in suites, bedrooms, and facilities are fresh, comfortable, and cozy. Apart from frequent laundries, is there any other method to prolong the life and functionality of linens? We say, yes!

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Find a Dark And Dry Space

Store your linens in a dark-dry space with the least sun exposure. Storing linens in a closet is ideal but you can also use a trunk. 


Avoid Plastic Bags

Try not to store your used linens in plastic bags after washing. In addition to plastic, you should also steer clear of cardboard to prevent yellowing and to keep your linens looking snow-white.

Change Sheets Accordingly

Rather changing sheets daily, why not replace your linens depending on room occupancy? Some hotels and motels only switch sheets every three days or only as demanded by the guests. Not only it’s more cost-effective, it also poses less harm on the environment.


Limit Contact With Cosmetics

Hair products, body lotions, and soaps can cause stain on linens. Some of these products have bleaching properties and oxidizing agents that may cause fading or discoloration.

While you can’t stop guests from using cosmetics and skincare products while staying in your hotel, you can restrict their impact on your linens through using white or light colored linens.

Avoid Creases and Detergent Residue

Don’t overcrowd the washing machine to provide thorough cleaning and to avoid creases. Allow for longer rinse times to avoid detergent residue in your linens.