Reasons Your Guests Never Come Back to Your Hotel


Although you try your best to make your guests happy with your services, but somehow a stone is left unturned and they never knock your door again. It hurts, doesn’t it? It hurts that you work tirelessly to do everything you can and more but there is a still loop hole you couldn’t identify. Cheer up because we are about to find out what goes missing and bring your guests back to you. Pinky promise!

1. That One Insect!

kay, calm down. We believe you and know that you do every other thing possible to keep your hotel rooms clean and tidy but you know, we are talking about insects here who need the tinniest space to move and grow. Constant fumigation and daily use of insecticides can prove to be helpful but seems like you need to do more about it, because if your guests are scared or disgusted, they’re never coming back.


2. The Little Stain on the Bedsheet!

No! We know that your vigorous cleaning and washing keeps your bedsheets and duvets clean and stains are just not acceptable for you. But that little, in fact a micro stain that your guest found on your bedsheets does the job of keeping your guests from coming. What can you do about it? Umm. Keep several extra pairs of bedsheets or invest a few ones like these who are stain resistant and save yourself from the trouble.


3. Saving $1

And then there are competitors more affordable than you who offer discounts and convince your guests to come to them. Price sensitive guests worry about their money and switch hotels to save as less as one dollar! We know that you cannot keep cutting your prices to bring guests back because you have to provide quality services which come at a cost. How about you offer an extra discount for guests who pay their second visits? This will let them know you care about them and wish to serve them again!


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