Changing consumer behaviors are transforming the travel industry at a rapid rate.

Recent research conducted by Deloitte, concluded that nine out of ten people who are planning a vacation conduct online research for which hotel to book, and the hotel reviews are their main determinants.

In a survey conducted by the travel research firm “Skift”, it was found that most reviewers commented on towel quality. At the survey, 31% of respondents said they would write a negative review if they did not enjoy the towels. Moreover, 52% of the respondents stated that they have written a negative review due to bad towel quality.

A recent survey conducted by Xeros discovered that towels are an essential factor in the guest experience and also that guests are often providing comment on the cleanliness of the towels in online reviews.

With the rise of Airbnb and VRBO, the rental and sharing sectors are colliding with the hotel sector and they are now competing for the same customers.

Cleanliness and the quality of bed and bath linens is where hotels can get an edge in the economy and attract more guests.

The quality of the towels can influence client satisfaction, brand perception, as well as customer loyalty.

Here are some tips to make sure guests will love your towels:

Hotel’s Official Website – Post photos of soft, fluff towels in rooms, by the pool, at the spa, and on the beach accompanied by copy touting availability, cleanliness and freshness.

Social Media – Launch a towel campaign, using high quality photos, featuring people using your towels, an attractive in room display and an abundance of towels readily available by the pool attendant.

In Room Experience – Make sure the room is stocked with towels and that they are clean and smelling fresh. Place them so they can be a focal point in the bathroom along with information regarding your sustainability program as it relates to water and chemical usage.


Spa Experience – For many resort properties, the spa is a signature touch-point. Offering luxury spa treatments and carrying branded products reinforce the brand but if the towels don’t match up then the experience isn’t complete.

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Pool/Beach Experience – After taking a quick dip or unwinding by the pool or on the beach, guests want quick and easy access to towels. Towels should be plentiful and readily available.


Hoteliers should consider rethinking the role of towels and linens in their overall brand story. Towels are a relatively unexplored branding touch point in the customer journey and can be the key to turning a visitor into a loyal customer. Shop from our wide range of premium and luxury towels which your guests are sure to love.