Precap 2017… The Hotel, Motel and Supply Show of the South-East

Many B2B marketing gurus have come to the conclusion that the best medium for B2B marketing is exhibitions as no other medium can beat the significance of face-to-face meet up. So today, we discuss the very known and demanded show HMRSSS.

Since the past three decades the Hotel, Motel and Supply show has served as a platform of choice for more than 10,000 South-Eastern hospitality industry buyers. The legacy continues, the 41st time it would be held from 24th-26th January 2017

This show features the latest products of thousands of world’s leading hospitality brands under one roof. Some expected companies are HD Supply, D-ZEE Textiles, Standard Textiles, Cisco Gas Supply and many more. This event creates tremendous interacting opportunities as it brings together professionals in this industry from all over the globe together, enhancing the potential for companies year after year. 

This year the event would be organized by Leisure Time Unlimited under the direction of Myrna N. Starnes and conspire an area of almost 100,000 square kilometers.

The show is being held in Myrtle Beach Convention Centre. The link would show you the complete map for your location

The attendants of the event are expected to be in thousands and would range from Independent Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Chains, FF&E Companies, Purchasing Companies to Nightclubs, bars and hospitals.

There is a large range of products that would be displayed including furniture, bedding, cleaning supplies and maintenance, guest amenities, laundry equipment and much more.