With June up on our heads, summers remind one of vacations, sunshine and lots of fun. All in all, summers are the perfect excuse for a long and relaxing holiday on foreign soil with loved ones. This year you can create a perfect hotel experience for your customers with a chirpy reception and soothing indoors.

We bring few tips and suggestions to help you enhance your summer décor this season.


Perky and breezy reception

A beautiful reception area will tell your guests what will follow suit in the hotel, as the phrase goes first impression is the last impression. The reception of your hotel should be spacious, green and chirpy giving your guests the aura of a stay full of relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure.


Add a splash of color

Color and mood are directly related to each other. Bright and bold colors are very influential in determining the mood of your guests. Replace your old furniture with new bright colors like blues, greens and yellows that would add a natural, summer and sun-kissed feel to your hotel.


Add greenery to your room

Nothing brightens up a room more than what the magic of flowers do. Keep a jar of fresh lilies or roses or lilacs in the rooms that would add a soothing scent resembling to that of a garden.


Swimming pools and beaches

Everything aside, the best parts of summers are beaches and swimming pools. Thus, make sure you show off your exotic swimming pools in the right way that would force your customers to jump right in!


Target the stomach!

Never ending nights with feet hanging in swimming pools, grilling barbecues and unreal conversations are the backbones of summer season. Not to forget, the exotic drinks are the cherry on the top! Summers are a magical time. Make sure you make these magical times into cherish able ones!