Here is how you can make your Hotel Room more Relaxing for your customers

Relaxing in hotel room

Have you ever thought about how some hotels manage to get remarkable reviews from their customers again and again?

Hotel guests usually look for some luxury and comfort in their stay all within an affordable budget. While searching for hotel rooms online, most of the travelers search in for hotels that have attractive rooms with modern style beddings and bathrooms. The hotels with the best looking room get more clicks which means more bookings.

Expecting more guests to your hotel? Steal the style from boutique hotels to turn your budget-friendly hotel bedroom into a five-star getaway.


Freshness to Relax

Fresh beautiful flowers are a sign of relaxation and are a win-win option if you want to get a full customer satisfaction. Pick up a few bunches of any seasonal flowers, snip the ends and plop them in a vase for an amazingly raving look.



Sleep Comes First

For a busy traveler, good night’s sleep is more important than you think. Offering an environment that promotes good sleep will ultimately improve your hotels’ services from others and this is what every guest at your hotel expects. To update your linens on a budget, Start with high-thread-count. Remove all the old patterned blankets for new, solid-colored ones. Choose neutral tones or go for white duvets.


Comfort works better than luxury

Let your hotel feel like home to the guest on their stay. Keeping all the useful articles such as extra sheets, blankets, towels or bathrobes visible to them in a good set of baskets will increase client’s satisfaction and helps them to easily freshen up on arrival.


Long Dressing Mirror

Putting up a long dressing mirror to make it easy for the customer in putting on jewelry or doing makeup is great to add a glimpse to your hotel room. These mirrors are Instagram worthy too for taking mirror selfies and would attract the millennials.



Keep it Clean

The main reason why most of the people avoid staying in cheap hotel rooms is that it is not a vision of sparkling cleanliness. Room decor, walls painted with neutral tone colors, and expensive furniture is just a sign of attraction for some time but cleanliness marks till the end. Proper cleaning services in the room are mandatory and it cannot be reversed.


Satisfying Toiletries

The first thing which comes in every customer’s mind before using a hotel’s toiletries is the quality of the product, Whether the body lotion is good for their skin, Is the shampoo good enough for their hairs or the conditioning shampoo will send their curls into frizz mode. Keeping all these possible conclusions in mind, it is the responsibility of the hotelier to set good quality toiletries for their esteemed customers.


Scented Candles

Just as the flowers add some freshness to a plain hotel room, Scented Candles can also be used to make your customer feel more comfortable. It is also considered as a sign of romance and the pleasant smell of these scented candles can automatically transform a boring hotel space into a romantic site.



Small Treats

Small treats in a hotel rooms marks as a great sign. Travelers coming to stay in any hotel place asks for comfort first which means food and good sleep. Treats like a basket of fresh fruits will not only add color to a hotel room but would attract a customer at the same time. Dark chocolates on the side table can also be a good choice.





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