We all have experienced the luxurious feeling of crawling into the fresh sheets of an amazing hotel bed. But you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a five-star night of rest. Continue to read to learn why hotel bed linen feels so amazing and how you can have the same feeling every night in your home.

If you ever wondered why the beds in luxury hotels feel so good, the answer is simple: they feel that good because of the luxury quality of the bedding that the hotels purchase.

D-ZEE Textiles, a hotel linen company recently launched it’s brand D-ZEE Home that is passionate about elegant design, exceptional quality, and ultimate value. The goal at DZEE Home is to help people create their dream home through fresh and fluffy towels that make them feel like they are in a high-scale hotel.

D-ZEE aims to bring 5-star luxury to our home so that we can get the ultimate comfort right at home. The linens are made from the highest quality long-staple cotton yarn that helps them produce products that are comfortable and blissful in nature. 

DZEE Home presents the ultimate range of luxury home linens that ooze with elegance and will provide you the luxury you seek at hotels, at home.

Bed Linen Collection

The T-200 Poly Cotton sheets have five different colors which include: Sage Green, Insignia Blue, Brown, Charcoal Grey, and White

Starting from as low as $24.75


Pillows Collection

SoftSiesta Siliconized Fiber-Filled Pillows offer superior comfort by providing neck and head support in all sleeping positions. These pillows are allergen-free and will help to relive for people with allergies-related conditions thus ensuring the comfort and safety of their users for years to come.

Pack of 2 Down Alternative pillow with stylish gift box for $22.75


Towels Collection

For everyday use, turn to cotton towel set by D-ZEE Home. The plush towel set offers the softness and quick absorbency, which means ultimate comfort and fast results when drying your hands and face after washing up or drying off after stepping out of a shower.

Starting from as low as $12.45