Looking for luxury Bath Amenities to exceed customer expectations? You really need to check out D-ZEE’s Mikado Mist range.

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Mikado Mist Conditioning Shampoo

Treat your patrons to shiny, clean, and lively hair with this luxurious line of Mikado Mist hair products that naturally strengthen and cleanse your guest’s hair.

Mild formula contains moisturizing agents to nourish and renew hair. Enriched with aloe Vera that is specifically formulated to suit any hair type.

Mikado Mist Nourishing Conditioner

This Mikado Mist Nourishing Conditioner milk formulated with Aloe Vera is designed to detangle and nourish hair and restore natural balance and moisture to the hair. It lightly softens hair while remaining easy on the scalp and hands, leaving your patrons feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Perfect for stocking hotel and motel bathrooms, your guests will appreciate the added convenience of this hotel amenity during their stay.

Mikado Mist Hydrating Body Lotion

Treat your patrons to a moisturizing, soothing lotion with Mikado Mist Hydrating Body Lotion formulated with Aloe Vera for extra soft and supple skin. Hands and body are conditioned and restored with Aloe Vera while providing soothing comfort to your guests.
When placed on amenity trays in your hotel or motel rooms, this lotion ensures a professional presentation, too, with a luxurious packaging.
Mikado Mist Shower Gel
Perfect for hotels, motels, inns, or resorts, Mikado Mist shower gel helps create a memorable shower experience that provide your guests with a spa-like experience from the comfort of their rooms and leaves them feeling fresh and rejuvenated!
Mikado Mist Deodorant Soap
The Mikado Mist deodorant bar of soap is crafted from a powerful cleansing and deodorizing formula. Essential for any hotel or motel, your patrons will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and clean after each use. Guests will enjoy its pleasant fragrance and luxurious lather.