bath towels

The first thing that you desire right after a relaxing bath is to wrap your body in a thick and nice comforting towel. The following tips will keep your after-bath experience velvety and cozy.

The Right Fabric Towels comes in various sizes with various fabrics serving several purposes for example linen towels are better for cleaning dishes and glassware, buy the right fabric for cleaning the body while adding a touch of softness and comfort.

Feel your Towel, most of the towels are made up of cotton but be very careful while purchasing a cotton towel as cotton has various types with different quality levels.

Towels made up of Egyptian cotton like MIKADO EGYPTIAN by D-ZEE Textiles has the best quality with more-fibrous threads. If your towel gives you a mushy soft feel and is heavy in weight, this is a sign of a good quality cotton towel. Therefore don’t just look at the tag on the towel, pick it up and feel it!

bath towels

Check the edges of the towel, people often ignore that and end up buying a towel which would not last for longer. All the edges must be neatly folded even double stitched. This signifies quality stitching. If the edges are not finely folded then there are high chances of fray.

Pay the right price as it’s already been mentioned, towel fabric varies in terms of quality. Higher quality bath towels like MIKADO EGYPTIAN will have higher prices relative to the cheaper ones but a high quality towel will have tightly packed loops, high density, absorption, ultra-softness and long term durability.