LG Unveils Guestroom Products with Voice Assistant Technology

LG Unveils Guestroom Products with Voice Assistant Technology

The expectations of the hotel’s guest are changing over time. After the advancement in technology, every person is demanding for a tech-savvy experience. As technology improvements continue at a constant speed, it can be difficult for hotels to move with modern developments. However, the new technologies tend to deliver easiness to the hotel managers and can help businesses in the hospitality industry stay consistent and competitive, save time and money, and increase client’s satisfaction, therefore, it is important for the hoteliers to move along with the technology.

In the world full of innovations, hotels are getting modernize and planning to fulfill the needs of today’s travelers with science and technology. There’s no doubt that the hotel rooms in the coming years will be surrounded by a breathtaking environment with a mixture of modernization.

According to exciting trends in hotel marketing and distribution strategy, voice search has covered the hospitality industry. A new technology in this industry has recently popped up and seems to be here for a long time.


LG Unveils Guestroom Products with Voice Assistant Technology

LG Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company who has revealed new smart features with advanced in-room voice assistant compatibility. “The advanced display technology by LG is designed to support in-room connectivity by making the lives of hotel guest and AV managers comfortable,” said Michael Kosla, Hospitality VP, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions.

LG has launched a new hotel TV smart ecosystem that empowers end users to operate with a range of outside partners, including compatibility with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

LG hotel TVs can also provide a useful and combined in-room experience that fits the needs of each guest at the hotel. For example, LG’s voice assistant compatibility can allow guests to control other smart devices in the room, such as door locks, lights, or drapes.

“Smart technologies are being adopted in the home at a meteoric pace, and when you analyze the trend line in the lodging industry you see that consumers are beginning to demand those same smart conveniences when they’re traveling and staying at their favorite hotels,” said Michael Kosla.

LG also delivers the voice recognition assistance to the guest room with its Pro: Centric smart TV platform. The new Pro: Centric-enabled hotel TVs will offer hoteliers and AV managers the ability to supply more content options and greater connectivity.

This technology will soon be seen in many upscale hotels to improve the guest experience.


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