Laundering tips for duvets

Duvets are a very essential part of our bed linen. They keep us warm in winters, cool in summers and covered in them we visit our dream land every night. Thus, it is very important to keep them clean and fresh.

However, it’s not an easy job to do. If you want your soft and fluffy duvets to be the same old, you need to be very careful during its laundry. We provide you some tips which would help you keep it clean and homely- as you like it!

1. DO NOT wash your duvets too often. Regular washes are likely to erase the fluffiness and fuzziness of your duvets. Thus, you should wash them once in every five years.

2. Use lesser amount of detergent while washing your duvets. Detergent consists of harmful chemicals and substances which eat away the fiber from your duvets. A rather more suitable option is to use detergents made for linen use especially or eco-friendly detergents.

3.Wash in warm or cold waters. Lowers temperatures are best suited for bed linen as heat can break down the fibers from your duvets adversely affecting their durability and sustainability

4. BLEACH IS NOT ALLOWED! Bleach is not only claimed to be harmful for the fibers of your bed linen but also causes gradual yellowing on your white sheets. Bleach contains harmful chemicals, perfumes, dyes and chlorine which is extremely harmful for your linen!

5. Wash your bed linen and regular clothes separately. Especially your white duvets to avoid any spread of color from other clothes. Moreover, do not mix clothes with metal zippers or rough textures, which is likely to cause pilling and tearing.

6. Iron your duvet covers! Ironing your sheets is the only way for you to achieve the crisp, polished and clean look for your duvets likely to the picture below. Ironing would also help to dry your duvets in winters and also kill the any remaining micro-organisms. 

Hopefully these tips would be helpful for you. Happy laundry to you!