Latest technology transforming the hospitality industry

Latest technology transforming the hospitality industry

Latest technology transforming the hospitality industry

Technology has altered the way we live. Every industry and our daily lives have been impacted by the latest tech trends. The key reason to bring on advanced technology is to make our lives easier and luxurious. It has affected simple chores of life such as getting grocery to the means of travel and communication. Over the last few years, a massive upsurge has been witnessed with the emergent of IoT, augmented, virtual and mixed realities, chatbots, robots and artificial intelligence.

To cope up with the dynamic challenges of enhancing technology, it has become a necessity for every industry to adapt it to provide the best services to its customers.

Hospitality industry is not an exception as well. The technology shift has affected the ways of hotel management. Latest tech trends, devices and software have replaced the old practices and hotels are becoming Smart Hotels too.

Technology has drastically changed every part of the hospitality industry, beginning with the booking of a room to entering it with your smart key. It is not important that each and every innovation should be adapted, but you need to research and acclimate whatever you think is best for your hotel.  Some of the latest tech trends and software discussed here can be beneficial in attracting more customers, as at the end of the day all a customer wants is a comfortable stay.


Automation is not a new technology but it has been adopted by the hospitality industry recently. In this high-tech era, human dependence is not required for simple errands, but either self-service or automated procedures are preferred. Having an app for bookings, check-in and check-out is the way to deal. Some of the hotels have now room service done through apps as well. All a guest needs to do is to order food through the app. This can be enhanced on a larger scale and a lot of hospitality operations can be done automatically. It will provide the ease of access to the guests with an enhanced experience.

Artificial intelligence

This is the era of Artificial Intelligence and its importance has been understood by almost every industry. It’s high time that hotel and travel industry should inculcate AI in their operations too. Having a smart hotel is the need of the future and inducing AI I the best way to do it. AI-driven support and care services can make any hotel stand apart in the league.  The main elements that can make your hotel smart are robots as concierge, verbally activated services, and chatbots.

Concierge robots

Hilton is the first hotel to hire a robot concierge named Connie. He is 2 feet tall first ever robot concierge who is performing all the duties a human concierge does and providing the guests a tech-savvy experience.


Chatbots are now quite common in our daily lives. They can be a vital part of customer service too. As we are becoming dependant on chatbots utilizing them in hotels to order food, suggestions and answering queries regarding the hotel, adjusting lights and temperature, scheduling for business or pleasure, booking rides hotels etc.

Hotel Management Software

A hotel management software is a must have whether you have to manage the administrative tasks. It is essential for daily tasks and will enhance the guests’ experience. This software manages from comprehensively, from online bookings until the end of the stay of a guest. These robust software have tools which take care of your administrative tasks, your website and pricing tools help to set the price of a room. The only key is to right the correct software according to your hotel requirements.

Your personalized app

Though not so latest but having a mobile app has become a necessity than a trend. It gives your hotel a more convenient approach for the customers as a survey suggests that 30% of the bookings are done through mobiles now. Having a customized app will also provide a competitive edge to your hotel. Google and other search engines also rank those websites better which are accompanied with an app.

Final words

The hospitality industry has revolutionized over the decades and with the emergent of innovative technology, it is ready to set new standards. The whole idea is to provide each and every visitor with a unique and comfortable experience and latest tech-trends can be of immense help in this regard. Travellers all over the world believe that the technology-induced privileges will enhance their experience.


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