Some Brilliant Ways Hotels Can Use To Woo Their Customers

People browsing for hotels online love to see creativity from them. Most of the time, the modern and luxurious looking hotels often get more clicks than unattractive hotel rooms. More clicks mean more bookings and this is how a hotel increases its online reputation in the industry. The time has changed now, people are most likely to consider the small details rather than basic amenities.


Half of the hotels in this industry are focusing on the bedding, proper bathroom, and modern furniture whereas some of the experts have already taken the hospitality to a next level. Whether it’s about updating the cleaning process, or giving free gifts as they greet, these hotels will drive to click on the “book now” button.


Let us look at the 5 most amazing ways these hotels have used to surprise their guests.




Card Note Underneath the Bed by Hilton

Hilton is a global brand of full-service hotels and resorts. This card technique to attract customers on their visit is a good way of advertising a hotel room. People around the world, who found this little cute note underneath their bad didn’t wait for a second to post its picture on social media. We all know, there’s nothing better than to market your hotel on social media to get more customers in the future. This methodology definitely gets thumbs up!



This Hotel Checklist Reminds You to Steel The Toiletries

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Probably not! But how smartly the hotel managers have planned out this strategy. This picture of the hotel checklist was recently uploaded by a guest on social media which created a positive hype for the hotel. This is a good way to let people remember your hotel whenever they plan to go out on a trip.



Pillow Menu with Different Types of Pillows

The next time you check into a hotel, ask if they have a bucket full of pillows sample on their pillow menu. Hotels and resorts around the world are adding pillow menus as a way to cater to individual needs and indulge their guests.



Bedtime Stories on the Hotel Room Phone for Free

A traveler posted an image of an amenity online and it has certainly got people talking about what is, or isn’t, needed in a room. You got us right, it’s the numbered phone which recites bedtime stories for you if you couldn’t sleep at night.



This Hotel  Encourages You to Steal their Pencil

If you take something from your hotel room, expect an extra charge on your bill but this hotel encourages its guest to steal their hotel’s pencil with a stealing note printed on it. How cool is this? Whenever you use this pencil, it reminds you of the time when you picked it up and laughed at yourself after reading this note. A smart way to be on a guest’s mind forever.



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