How to Protect Your Hotel’s Linen Inventory?

Effectively protecting your hotel’s linen inventory can be an essential task as it is the most used item in the hotels where visitors are staying every other day. Protection of the inventory doesn’t require armed guards but yet it’s important to invest in the proper care of the linens.


Experts have estimated that hotels can lose 15-20 percent of their precious linen inventory every year to premature loss. It doesn’t take much longer in converting these small expenses into big losses that’s why prevention is better than cure.


The proper care of the hotel’s property is not only about the linens itself but it’s also important for the customer’s good bed experience. Every new guest at the hotel expects to get a fresh and clean bed sheet but washing the sheets with harmful chemicals every single time is also not so great.


Investing in pure cotton sheets is a good start but proper care will help protect that investment now and in the future.


There are many best practices that can be used for protecting your hotel sheets for a longer time. Some of them are mentioned here which you can put into place today.


Invest in Durable and Cost-Effective Linen

Thanks to the advancement in technology and development in new fabrics and materials. Finding a durable yet cost-effective linen has become easier as it was before. There are several guidelines available online which makes it easy for a hotelier to invest in any certain product. In this new era of Social Media, every other textile company has its competitors which makes it difficult for them to showcase their product as the best on the market. Offering high discounts increases the chances of more sales for them and at the same time, makes it cost-effective for a hotelier.



Setup New Technology for Cleaning

The main reason why washing linens repeatedly make it worse than before is due to the traditional cleaning systems. These cleaning systems rely on high temperature and chemical cleaning which is harmful to your hotel linen. This is how an older commercial laundry machine can wear out your hotel’s delicate linens. Bring some change into your laundry actions by investing polymer bead-based washing system which relies’s on water. The beads absorb stains and contaminants from linens much like a sponge absorbs water and doesn’t harm your linen.


Avoid Continuous Use of Sheets

Using your hotel sheets most often will require continuous washing which is harmful to the linen. Try to give a gap of at least 24 hours between every single use to avoid ceaseless washing.



Training of the Housekeeping Staff

Your housekeeping staff is the most important asset when you’re required to store linen for a long-term period. They are responsible to ensure that all laundry services for the hotel’s guests are done as per the standard policies. They should make sure that after the dry-cleaning, washing, and pressing of the linen, it is kept separately and during the process, proper gloves are worn to avoid multiple stains.


With the absolute control and best practices by a commercial laundry service, your clean and fresh sheets will give a delighting experience to your guest. After all the guests are counting on you and your hotel sheets for a great night.


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