How to Make Your Towels Last Longer

Wrapping yourself in a clean, soft towel after a shower is one of life’s small luxuries and although towels don’t have an expiration date, most lose their softness and absorbency after two to three years. Here are some helpful tips that will help keep your towels softer and make them last longer.

What to Avoid         

To preserve the premium quality and durability of your towels, avoid the use of fabric softeners as they can block the fibers on the towels and keep the soap from cleaning it. White vinegar can be used as an alternative softener as it won’t cause build up – ¼ of a cup of vinegar is all you need for one load. Baking soda can also be helpful. Furthermore, steer clear of high heat settings if you use the dryer. High heat can damage the towel’s fabric after a while.

Also keep your Towels away from household cleaners and personal care products that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxyl acids because these may cause discoloration.


Make sure your detergent is mild so that it cleans but isn’t as harsh as other detergents. You can also use less detergent per load if you don’t have time to get a different detergent. Prevent pilling – which occurs when long fibers rub up against short fibers – by dedicating your load of wash solely to your Bath items and washing different color Towels separately.


Give your towels a shake when taking them out of the washer. This will help fluff the terry loops that aid absorbency. Don’t iron terry towels; this will reduce absorbency. Tumble dry on low (high heat damages the fabric) and remove promptly, because over-drying creates brittle fibers. If you prefer the fresh scent of air dried linens, try these steps to avoid a stiff feeling: After shaking, hang one short end over the clothesline and clip. Remove the Towel from the clothesline when just slightly damp and insert it into the dryer for a final fluff. Always make sure your Towels are completely dry before folding and storing.


For wrinkle-free Towels, the following method is recommended for folding: First, lay the Towel flat on a surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, starting with the long side of the Towel, fold the length in thirds. Grasp the short side and fold the Towel in half. Repeat this step. You should be left with a neat square which will hang beautifully over a rod – showcasing its dobby design – or will look equally neat and tidy stacked on a shelf.

If you prefer rolled Towels, stored on a shelf or in a basket, we recommend the following method: Fold the Towel in half so that it makes a square. Next, fold one of the corners into the center of the square. Repeat this step with the opposite corner. Flip the Towel so that the two folded corners are face down. Finish by tightly rolling from one end to the other.