how to make your hotel eco-friendly

With climate change and global warming having serious consequences all around the world, more and more people these days are becoming environmentally conscious and choosing environmentally friendly products and services. A recent research from the Los Angeles Times found that nearly 60% of travelers are basing their hotel visits on whether or not they are Eco-friendly.

Another research, confirmed by a poll from energy supplier E.ON, show that of 2,000 people surveyed, a hotel showing good ecological credentials would be more attractive to someone looking to book a holiday. Features which were particularly appealing were renewable energy sources like solar panels, or low energy lighting, with almost 20% of respondents saying that they would actively look for these when choosing their when choosing their accommodation. Here are some suggestions to increase your credentials and make your business more Eco-friendly:

how to make your hotel eco friendly

1. Save water with low-flow shower heads, which cut down on the amount of water needed by mixing the water flow with air, or look at installing water savers in toilet cisterns, decreasing the amount of water needed to flush the toilet.

2. Install low flush toilets and sink aerators. Your guests’ water consumption is largely influenced by your property’s infrastructure. Wasteful showers, toilets, and sinks could make wasteful practices even more impactful. Consider swapping out old, wasteful systems in exchange for new, more sustainable ones. While replacing anything major at your property is expensive, it can help reduce utilities.

how to make your hotel eco friendly

3. Power saving: Make a start with low energy LED light-bulbs, and install sensors for communal areas so that lights only come on when needed. When you replace your white goods, look for low energy models. Get staff on board, too – turn down the air conditioning, turn off unnecessary lights, and keep heating to a minimum.

how to make your hotel eco friendly

4. Recycling bins, which encourage the guests to separate their paper, aluminum and glass waste can be put into rooms and communal areas. If you’ve got open fireplaces, recycled paper can be compressed into bricks, which can be burned in place of logs. Use rechargeable batteries in television remotes and other remote controlled items around your hotel.

5. Adding insulation or investing in a reflective roof covering will help keep your premises cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Regulating the temperature this way will also cut down on your energy bills, as you’ll need less electrically powered heating and cooling.

By adopting these practices in your business, you can reduce costs, increase your revenue and your guests and the environment will thank you for it.