How to choose the best sheets for your hotel?


As a professional in the hospitality business, you know that customer expectations continue to rise. From price to quantity, to any other details, customers these days are very specific about what they want.

Bedsheets play a very important role for hotels because upon entering a bedroom, the first tangible thing one comes across is the bedsheet. However, upon purchasing sheets from D-ZEE Textiles, hotel management would be relieved from half of its worries. Here’s why. 

1. Thread count

Thread count plays a very pivotal part when it comes to bed sheets. The higher the thread count the better the quality. D-ZEE has a total of four categories of sheets; Percale T 200, Swiss Stripes, Ryotei and Icon. Starting from a thread count of T 200 is Percale T 200, followed by Swiss Stripes which is T 250, Ryotei and ICON rank the highest with a thread count of T 300, often also known as our luxury sheets. Thus, whenever you touch our sheets you would feel nothing but smoothness. 

2. Blend vs pure cotton  

Cotton brings the sheets all the comfort and coziness customers expect out of you. These sheets are made with abundant cotton. Ryotei, our best quality sheets all made of 100% cotton followed by Icon which is manufactured by both cotton and polyester with a ratio of respectively, 65:35. On the other hand Percale T 200 and Swiss Stripes have a ratio of 60:40, cotton and polyester respectively. 

3. Price

D-ZEE offers all types of products for its buyers i.e. economical and premium. The premium sheets lie under the category of Ryotei and Icon which are our pure luxury brands. On the other hand, our bed sheets also lie on the economic side of the spectrum like Percale T 200. We aim to fulfill all the demands and believe in a stellar customer service. 

4. Additional Features

  • Our sheets are double singed and mercerized so that they remain crisp and clean without any sort of creases.
  • These sheets also go through the process of optical white finish which would help maintain the whiteness of the sheets after several washes.
  • Our sheets have a color-coded hem which makes it easier for the housekeeping to identify the size of the sheets.
  • The label attached to our sheets are woven which makes them sustainable and last for a long time.
  • D-ZEE guarantees 40% more washes than any other competitor in the industry.   

D-ZEE products aim to help you meet all your customer demands and make the concept of royalty come to life.