hotel winter supplies

The winter season is the best! You, as a hotelier, enjoy high demand and an influx of guests. It’s not even hard to achieve full hotel occupancy. However, you need to stock up your hotel inventory to provide maximum satisfaction to the guests.

Before you miss any discounts from the renown hospitality supplies company – D-ZEE Textiles LLC, we would like to sort out some winter specials to make your shopping experience more simpler and manageable.

steam iron for hotels

Bene Steam Iron 

Provide guests an easy way to iron and steam their clothes, with our commercial rated, self-cleaning irons. Featuring spray and burst settings.

  •  Dial operated min/max heat settings
  •  6 different material settings
  •  Non-stick sole
  •  Water cup included easy pour in spout
  •  ETL approved

Starting from as low as $11.95/Pcs

micro fleece blanket

Micro Fleece Blanket 

This comfortable micro fleece blanket gives warmth without excessive weight and bulk like other fabrics do. Made with 100% virgin polyester fibers with hydrophobic properties, this incredibly soft and soothing blanket is breathable, absorbs moisture and keeps your guests warmer, perfect for a good night’s rest.

Starting from as low as $10.95/Pcs

coffee maker for hotels

Bene 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Want to treat your coffee lover guests with more love? This Coffee Maker is an ideal solution for the guests who want to begin a cup of coffee in their busy morning routine. Fresh and hot coffee brews right in the cup or mug, there’s no mess left to clean and no waste. The perfect brewing system for coffee lovers on the go, delivers a delicious coffee experience, one cup at a time, any time of day.

Starting from as low as $11.95/Pcs