Looking for an impressive new way to make your hotel stand out? You may want to consider luxury hotel room amenities.


“It’s a big deal if your bath amenity is bad,” says Jeff David, managing director of the Knickerbocker, a historic Times Square building that re-opened as a hotel in February 2015. “It’s almost like buying a Mercedes and the stereo is bad.”


Let’s have a look at some of the most essential room amenities.


hotel room amenities


An Abundance of Towels


There is nothing more frustrating that stepping out of the shower and finding you only have one towel to use. Guests like to have the ability to choose from an abundance of options that are different sizes and sometimes even different textures. They enjoy having fresh towels & cozy bathrobes waiting for them, when they come back in after a long day.


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hotel room amenities


Blackout Curtains


When booking a hotel room, one of the main thoughts of a guest is looking forward to a good and peaceful night’s sleep. Perhaps they’ve endured a long flight and need to recharge their batteries with a couple of mid-afternoon hours of sleep. This is why rooms should have blackout curtains installed, ensuring that any bright light is blocked out, allowing guests to drift off to sleep peacefully.


hotel room amenities


Complimentary Wi-Fi


Despite the amount of technology now available to us, one of the biggest gripes hotel guests have is still having to pay for Wi-Fi. After spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a luxury hotel room, it is extremely frustrating to find out there is an additional charge to browse the internet or catch-up on a few emails. If Wi-Fi was completely free, all the guests would be much happier.


hotel room amenities


Comfortable Beds and Pillows


Arguably the most essential part of any vacation or hotel stay, comfortable mattresses and bed linens are not only a necessity, but also an investment into the health, well-being and overall satisfaction for your guests. Maintain the quality of your mattresses by keeping them dry, covered and choose bed-bug proof mattresses and blankets from our website to keep your guests comfortable and safe. Shop from our pillows that are hypo-allergenic, odorless and made from the finest fibers and high thread count perfectly designed for a good night’s sleep.


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hotel room amenities


Free Bottled Water


The importance of free bottles of water are something that should never be underestimated. In many places around the world the tap water is not always safe to drink, to bottled water is a saving grace. However, some hotels are known to take advantage of that and charge per bottle – all guests want is to see a couple of fresh bottles of water on their bedside table every morning, free of charge. You can also give plastic cups along with them as they are disposable and easy to use.