With people cooped up in the house during COVID-19 quarantine, many are now ready to get out of the house.

Following many safety guidelines and protocols hotels are ready for an influx of vacationers this Memorial Day Weekend.

“We expect a full house this weekend. We have 95 units and currently we have 93 reservations. And we expect to fill those other two up by this weekend,” said Landmark Beach Resort General Manager, Jeff Wharton.

Local hotels are accommodating those huge crowds, instituting safety precautions like extra sanitizing stations and drive thru check ins.

“We have limited housekeeping in the rooms to keep up with social distancing and those orders that we’re seeing,” said Expotel Hospitality President, Mike Nixon.

After two months of downtime, hotel staff members say they are excited to welcome the big crowds.

“I think people are just tired of being home. The beach is an easy place to get to, they can drive and they don’t have to fly here. People want a little sense of normalcy here after the last 6-8 weeks of being locked up,” said Nixon

Those who are here now, during the calm before the storm, say they’re using this time to just get away.


“I came last year and it was definitely a lot busier. I don’t know, there’s a decent amount of people out here, so it may shape up to be pretty busy out there,” said Tourist, Tanner Collins.

“It’s kinda nice to just get out in the air, honestly I’m really surprised at how few people are here,” said Tourist, Regina Hill.

Vacationers say they plan to do things they can’t do back home because of the Coronavirus.

“While i’m here on vacation i’m actually going to get my hair done while on vacation because we can’t do any of that in Illinois,” said Tourist, Kristin Hammersly.

“Down here it seems like more people are out and around. And feels more like normal,” said Tourist, Lawson Sullivan.

Vacationers may be ready to enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend, but officials still urge to keep social distancing a top priority.