Are you happy with the prices your hotel linen supplier is offering? Does the supplier want you to be happy with your purchase?

D-ZEE Textiles believes that buying or upgrading your supply of hotel linen and amenities doesn’t have to be a headache.

As a hotelier or innkeeper, you want to get high-quality hotel bedding and bathroom supplies for the best price. Before making an order from a wholesale supplier that provides discounts, you need to find out what the cost is for all items put together plus shipping plus taxes are on the product.

Many hoteliers buy the bedding products from any leading hotel linen manufacturer who provides products that promise quality at a competent price.

If you buy from D-ZEE, you can SAVE UP TO 40% on your Annual Linen Budget. Now the question is, how? 

Well, all the products at D-ZEE are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to maintain high quality control standards so that products are not only comfortable to use but have an extended service life.

Better life means less future investments.

Economy Towels

The highly popular opal platinum towels by D-ZEE Textiles are engineered to deliver high performance and extended durability at an economical price.

Starting from as low as $3.45/DzOpal-Image-4-hand-towel-wash-cloth

Economy and Standard Sheets

The T-180 is the most economical bed-sheet that is specially designed for economical range motels. Get it NOW!

Starting from as low as $55.75/Dz


Dress your hotel beds with D-ZEE’s crease resistant T-200 bed sheets that are finely woven with 60/40 cotton rich blend meant exclusively for durability. Buy NOW!

Starting from as low as $64.75/Dz

Cluster Fiber Pillow

The T-235 firm loft Cluster Fiber Pillow is made with virgin polyester cluster fiber which helps to maintain pillow’s resilience and softness. It’s hypo-allergenic feature helps to stop an allergic reaction and the 100% combed cotton shell gives added comfort and softness to the pillow.

Starting from as low as $4.75/Pcs