hotel laundry detergent

Guests paying to stay at the highest quality hotels have the right to expect the finest experience. But one question which comes in the mind of every hotelier is ‘What do guests want from a hotel?’


In a survey, the majority of the guests stated that all they want in a hotel room is hot water, clean sheets, real towels, quiet, and a door that locks from the inside. A coffee maker, with appropriate supplies, is a wonderful bonus.


Pollster Fabrizio Ward conducted the national consumer survey across 700 respondents.


Among consumers, 77 percent said that price, location, and amenities were more important when choosing a hotel than the types of sheets and linens that the hotel uses. But 72 percent said they expected the quality of sheets and linens to correspond with the type of hotel. This confirms the conventional wisdom that a higher priced property needs a better grade of linen.


To meet guest expectations, hotels can do what they’ve been doing but to meet the ultimate guest satisfaction it is highly important to pay attention to hotel linens.


The laundry room is one place where hotels can potentially save money while maximizing guest comfort by presenting soft, white linens and towels.


To keep sheets, pillowcases, towels and other linens clean, soft, fresh and available for the next guest, hotels usually use more intense and powerful hotel laundry detergents. The hotels don’t have time to fight each stain individually, so the detergent will need to fight all stains initially.


Let’s have a look at some of the top-rated hotel laundry detergents of all time based on customer’s feedback.


hotel laundry detergents


Burst Powder Detergent – Rated 5/5


This hotel laundry detergent’s powerful deep cleaning formula helps remove tough stains and odors, and helps prevent fading.


Liquid Built Detergent that breaks up tough stains and boosts performance. Perfect for Hotel, Hospital and Concierge Services. Multi-Purpose: Breaks Up Rust, Oil, Makeup, Blood and Soiled Stains.


Burst out all the stains from your hotel linens with this powerful hotel laundry detergent. Shop here.




Linen Stain Remover ‘Recoop It’ – Rated 4/5


Designed to keep linens in service. Simply add to wet soaked linens in hot water. Rinse and use again, instead of throwing out, or converting to rags. Packed 12 – 1 1/2 pound bags.


Recoup your hotel linens to its original condition with this hotel laundry detergent. Shop here


hotel laundry detergents


Mikado Laundry Detergent Vending Pack – Rated 4/5


Delivers more cleaning power in a smaller dose with that just-washed freshness. Leaves laundry smelling fresh and clean. Biodegradable, phosphate free, eco-friendly, free and clear of perfumes and dyes.


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