Hospitality is a sector that grows every day. The competition for the hotels is getting tougher, It takes time and patience for hotels to create a good reputation and target the relevant customers through guest engagement.

Guest Engagement is one of those words which you keep listening in the hospitality industry. It is not a new concept and most of the hoteliers, are striving hard to offer their customers maximum satisfaction. Nowadays, the time has all changed. New technology has emerged throughout the world, especially in the hospitality industry. New ways of guest engagement have already been developed by business experts to generate more revenue.

The power of smartphones, laptops, and tablets have put a great impact on the business market and bound the professionals to target their customers through interactive screens. By keeping this important aspect in mind, the marketers of the hospitality sector are also using the same method to reach their targeted customers and increase guest engagement.

Social media is not a small word for the business people, for them, it is something that can abruptly change the good into bad. The hospitality sector is vast and most of the bookings are done online, therefore, social media reputation matters a lot. There are many situations that hotels can face such as bad reviews, troubling social media platforms, or posting something unsuitable on the brand’s official account. But, not everything about social media is alarming.

This platform is not only used to run a single strategy of gaining more bookings, it can also be used to target new customers by sharing intellectual content. Hoteliers need to realize that using social media in combination with all other online strategies can help them in dealing with the upcoming challenges.

Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has taken the mobile photo-sharing niche by storm, with no signs of stopping soon. The number of monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018 reached 1 billion, up from 800 million in September 2017. The count on social media increases every day because of its visual impressions and this gives a clear idea that users are extremely enthusiastic about Instagram due to it’s visual engagement.

According to Instagram, over 200 million of its users visit at least one business profile a day, and 75% act after visiting a post (such as visiting a brand’s website). In addition, one third of the most-viewed stories are from businesses. 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business and 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the platform.

Instagram is actually driving the business world and the stats presented above are enough to prove this. We don’t think there is anyone who is not aware of this amazing photo sharing app.


How Instagram Can Benefit Your Hotel?

In June 2016, Instagram; a successful photo and video-sharing social networking service announced new Business Tools to help companies better understand their followers and grow their businesses.

The new tools can help any company to get insights about followers and posts and promote posts to drive business objectives all within the Instagram mobile app.

Here’s how Instagram Business Profile can help your hotel in reaching the targeted audience.

Instagram Insights

According to Social Media Examiner, Instagram Insights is a native analytics tool that provides data on follower demographics and actions, as well as your content. This information makes it easy to compare content, measure campaigns, and see how individual posts are performing.

Instagram Business Insights can also help in expanding your hotel’s social media marketing plan. It enables you to see the insights for each post for better understanding of it’s performance. With the best possible information about your business profile’s activities, you can reproduce the most engaging posts and attract more potential customers.

Contact Buttons

Business Profile on Instagram allows the users to get extra features including contact buttons. With this unique feature, people can easily get in touch with your brand without having to search for your phone number or email address.

Adding an email or tap-to-call button on your Instagram profile can benefit in getting customer support issues handled outside of your Instagram feed, thus, maintaining your hotel’s online reputation.


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories lets you post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. The feature feels much like Snapchat Stories but generally gets more views than Snapchat. Discount coupons on Instagram can improve your brand image on social media. People appreciate discount codes on hotel bookings and it can be a way of generating more revenue.

Instagram is a highly recommended platform to offer discounts. The visual effect can make your posts catchy and more travelers can be targeted at the same time. The 24-hour status availability option on Instagram is also useful as it urges the user to avail the discount quickly.

Showcasing your hotel’s behind the scene on Instagram stories can be a great way to target customers. You can simply display your hotel’s cleaning process or a video of the chef making delicious food, the options are endless!

Adding polls on Instagram stories is also a great way of promoting your hotel. It is similar to any other sticker on Instagram: just drag and drop it onto your image in your story, and you’ll automatically be presented with the option to customize the question and choices. People viewing your story will be able to tap on a choice to vote, which will then show the overall results.

With this amazing technique, hoteliers can get feedback from normal people to enhance their services such as from what color to design the central hallway, to what different dishes to serve for breakfast, or how the guests at the hotel would like their towels folded.


Instagram Influencer Marketing

The social media trends keep changing every second, and nowadays, a new concept of marketing has come across which is ‘Influencer Marketing’ This word can be new for some people but the strategy is quite smart, and the outcomes are quite impressive. Before getting into depth, let us understand what is influencer marketing.

There are many famous people on the social media who have huge followings, such as famous YouTubers or other related people like travelers etc. Influencer marketing involves using famous people to market your product to a relevant audience.

Instagram is one of celebrities’ favorite social media platforms, therefore, Instagram is a recommended medium for Influencer Marketing.

According to McKinsey, an American Management Consulting Company, 1 in 4 consumers use social media for purchasing decisions. Hoteliers must take advantage of such changes in order to remain relevant in a highly competitive industry.