Housekeeping Managers should observe the following considerations while managing Bed Linens.


Linen Room

Linen rooms serve as the central storage point for all the hotel linen whether it’s uniforms or bed sheets. As linen plays an integral role in the presentation of a clean and beautiful hotel room it also adds greater value in the customer’s lodging experience therefore most of the hotels keep a separate linen keeper whose prime responsibilities are dispatching of soiled linen to the laundry, checking and placing the linen back to its right room.


Dispatch of Stained Linen

It is the responsibility of the linen keeper to daily inspect all the bed linens and dispatch all the stained linens immediately to the laundry before it get further soiled or infected.


Washing of Linen

Best way is to remove the spots like greasy spots of body lotions etc before sending it to the washer, it is much better to turn the patterns and textures inside out to protect them. Linen keeper should strictly instruct the laundry man not to mix bed linens with other clothes having metal zippers and metal buttons as they can destroy the linen’s texture and stitching. Laundry man must know that linen must be washed with lesser quantity of detergents and no bleach or fabric softener should be used as too much detergent weakens fibers.


Drying of Linen

The best way to dry your linen is to line them at a windy place while in case if the dryer is being used then all the sheets must be taken out before they are completely dry and then should be stretched.

Ironing of Linen

Don’t forget to iron your bed linen once they are washed and dried. The best time to iron your bed linen is when it’s damp as its gets soft and mushy after ironing.


Picking the Right Linen

The most difficult part is to place the bed linen sheets in their respective rooms as different rooms have different sizes of beds therefore linens with color coded hems and labels must be purchased like the ones manufactured by D ZEE Textiles LLC, providing convenience and efficiency in housekeeping.