Hotel Bedding, All You Need to Know.

You probably know the feeling we all have after waking up in the morning in such a comfortable bed of hotel rooms. Stepping out of the bed in fluffy flips and getting into the bathroom in squashy bathrobes. From the furry pillows on the bed to the luxurious room decor, everything about a five-star hotel is amazing.


After spending a night or two in the most comfortable environment of a hotel room, we all must have thought about how I can get this supremely luxurious feel at home.


You may believe it or not there are some hidden secrets about hotel bedding you need to know.


The secret to Iconic White Sheets

You have probably never thought about it but try to imagine any five-star bedding that isn’t white? But according to us white colored linen is not as durable because it requires more attention to cleaning.


We spend so much time in finding colorful and patterned sheets but forgot that white is the symbol of luxury and these sheets are the reason why our five-star hotel experience is always luxurious yet comfortable.


Hotel experts say, something about an all-white bed connotes luxury and a good night’s sleep.


If you ever wonder to have the same sleep as you had in a hotel, start by investing in a quality white sheet.



Triple Sheeting

Triple sheeting is another reason which we already knew but never thought about. It is a style of bed making that uses multiple layers of sheets, blankets, and bedspread-like covers. This idea of bedding can be seen in all the upscale hotels.


Tip for a Hotel style sleep: Layer your bed with a flat sheet, a middle sheet, and a fitted sheet and sleep just like you slept in your last hotel room.



The Right Pillow

Hotels spend much time investing in the right pillow options for their customers. Feather pillows are the most common pillows used in hotel rooms for a perfect night sleep. These pillows have a two-compartment system. The inner compartment of the pillow contains feathers for formation, while the outer compartment contains mostly goose down for fluffy softness.


Duvets and Comforters

Duvets and comforters is another secret to a luxurious sleep. These can be expensive and are difficult to clean. Therefore, investing in duvet covers can be a right choice for hoteliers. Some of the common duvet cover used by upscale hotels is Sateen Stripe Duvet Cover


This cover is made from 60% Combed Cotton and 40% Polyester in Sateen weave with a thread count of 250.



High-Quality Mattresses

After a long busy day of traveling, rushing around for meetings, or standing on feet during a presentation, all you need is a good time sleep after coming back to the hotel. More than us, hoteliers focus on the relaxation of their customers and so that a huge amount is invested in proper bedding options. Soft mattresses on the bed are one of the reasons for the ideal sleep. Foam mattresses in the hotels are manufactured by keeping the customer’s expectations in mind. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or all three, in order to maintain proper spinal alignment, the mattresses are also designed to relieve pain.


These secrets about the five-star hotel bedding are the key points due to which the sleeping experience of every single customer is always worth. Relaxing in supreme comfort during the day and sleeping in the lap of luxury at night, this is what every customer in a hotel expects. If you’re a hotelier than these small changes in your hotel can make huge changes.


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