Bedding is much more than standard pillows, sheets, and a comforter that is why you should consider other items, such as bed scarves, skirts and box spring covers.

Purpose of a Bed Scarf

Basically, a bed scarf is a throw-like piece of material at the foot of a bed for decorative flair in your hotel, B&B or vacation rental property. The intended purpose of a bed scarf is to protect bedding when people put things on the bed or want to lay down on it.

Make your hotel bed look more inviting and choose from a variety of colors by D-ZEE Textiles LLC.

Chenille Bed Scarves by D-ZEE Textiles LLC

100% Colorfast Polyester Chenille with upscale classic design element. Yarn-Dyed 9.50 oz per square yard 325 GSM fabric, woven for a snag and pill-resistant finish. It helps protect your bed from stains and dirt and adds much elegance. Made of quality material, comfortable, silky and durable — an ideal decoration for your hotel room and brings you a pleasant ambiance.

Chenille Bed Scarf — Poised Navy

Chenille Bed Scarf — Castle Rock Grey

Chenille Bed Scarf — Serene Merlot

Chenille Bed Scarf — Brown