Hotel Amenities to Attract Guests – Best Tips For Hoteliers


Comfort, cleanliness, convenience and good service are some of the common things guests would look for before booking a hotel. But what after someone books a room in your hotel? The guests at a hotel want to feel pampered and they also look in for some hotel amenities. Most of the time, hotel managers expect more customers to come in for a stay. While working hard over business strategies the hoteliers actually forget the basic necessities of a customer.


A hotel’s progress and guest satisfaction go hand in hand and hotels must step up their plan if they wish to distinguish themselves from other hotels. By staying ahead will not only boost profits but preparing something distinct will improve the hotel’s demand and also bring in new customers.


The hoteliers must know that hotel amenities are elements of comfort and convenience. Nowadays many hotels are reinventing their room services to fulfill the desires of their guests and to match the scale of customer satisfaction. Let’s have a look at some essential hotel amenities that matter most to a hotel guest.


Top 10 Hotel Amenities


hotel amenities


Quality Toiletries


Hotel toiletries might be a small component within the full guest experience, but the choice of amenities plays an important part in the overall experience. An invigorating hotel toiletries range includes a selection of shampoo, soap, body lotion, and shower gel.


Help your guests pamper themselves with Mikado bath amenities by D-ZEE Textiles LLC. Our high-quality toiletries will certainly leave your guest feeling clean and refreshed. We assure you that your guests will love the fresh scent and attractive packaging.


hotel amenities


Strong Wi-Fi


One upgrade that can dramatically increase business and make your customer satisfaction soar–free and reliable Wi-Fi. After all, your goal is to give the people what they want, and the people want Wi-Fi.


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In-Room Coffee and Coffee Machines


Staying active during travel is important to every person. Tea or coffee doesn’t just keep your guests awake for important deadlines or roaming in a new place but it is also an important part of most people’s daily routine. The active ingredient in these refreshers is caffeine, which is a stimulant and the most commonly consumed psychoactive thing in the world.


Find the perfect brewing system for coffee lovers here.


Want to make your guest feel refreshed? Our regular coffee is a 100% Arabica blended coffee, giving it a mild, yet full-bodied taste, with metalized foil packing for a professional presentation in hotel rooms or offices.


Shop now.


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Comfy Pillows


You well know from personal experience that having an improper sleep due to inappropriate pillow can result in multitude of health conditions. Therefore, you should choose the best hotel pillow for your valued guests so they get comfortable and healthy sleep at night.


Choose from our pillow range that includes gel fiber, cluster fiber and feather pillows.


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Cotton Sheets


Today you can find hotel bed sheets made of all sorts of materials such as polyester, linen, rayon, and blends – but cotton are still the top-rated and the most common fabric hotel guests prefer. The reason is simple – it’s soft, durable, breathable and gives you a natural feel against your skin.


Ryotei’s 100% cotton sheets for hotels and resorts starting from as low as $139.45/Dozen


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Soft Blankets


Our body needs extra warmth at night because our internal temperature begins to cool down before we go to bed. Choosing the right hotel blanket depends on the warmth, texture, and weight your guest prefers.


Choose from polar fleece or thermal blankets, click here.


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If you’re a hotelier looking to offer an exceptional night’s sleep for your customers or a guest house owner who wants to afford supreme comfort, then you’ve come to the right place.


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Bathrobes are the perfect way to take your guest experience to the next level. Robes made from top-quality materials can last for years, so it’s important to find one that you know you will like before you invest.


Shop now for bathrobes that last for years.


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Iron and Ironing Board


Being able to iron in a hotel room is a must for hotel guests, and the line of hospitality irons offered by D-ZEE Textiles LLC makes this everyday task quick and easy.


Provide guests with an easy way to iron and steam their clothes, with Bene’s commercial rated, self-cleaning irons. Featuring spray and burst settings.


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Upgrade Your Hotel’s Mattress


Good mattress means good sleep. Hoteliers always keep their guests’ comfort on a priority basis and do all the possible changes to their hotel rooms. It is necessary to safeguard the bedding from moisture and germs, and this protection plan starts with a good quality mattress pad.


A mattress pad is a nearly heavy piece of quilted material that remains on top of your mattress, just below your sheets. It can support your mattress to some range from common damage and moisture and further reduce allergens.

We hope this blog was helpful. If you think we miss out some useful hotel room amenities and write to us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!


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