Here’s a Look at the Current Food Trends for the Hospitality Industry

Change is the only constant – and the food and beverages component of the hospitality industry will be going through some drastic changes in 2018. Some food trends are already at work and are becoming more and more popular by the day while others such as new cuisines and new processes are changing the way that the hospitality industry does its business.


Introducing New Cuisines

It may sound like a risky strategy but new cuisines are slowly making their way into the hospitality scene. Gone are the days where fast food and continental food ruled this space. Korean, Filipino, and Indian cuisines are gaining some massive following in the United States. Dishes of choice can be both casual and upscale offering a variety of flavors, spices, aromas, and textures that are now in higher demand as compared to the classic American and European dishes of the past.



Vegetarians Are Growing

The vegan population is growing across the world and the popularity of veg-focused offerings continues to grow as well. This trend is being influenced by health concerns, environment safety, and ethical treatment of animals. Therefore, offering some vegan dishes in your hotel’s restaurant is slowly becoming a necessity.



Spectacular Desserts

Desserts are now stepping out of the post meal shadow and becoming an attraction on their own. Customers expect to be dazzled by the presentation of desserts these days and be blown away by new experiences for their taste buds.


Innovations in Table Technology

Placing orders using tablets and smartphones has become quite popular and will continue to be increasingly popular due to the affordability and accessibility this brings. Some hotels are now even getting rid of waiters with diners now preferring to order via tablets and smartphones. This is only the beginning of this technological shift towards automated services and these trends will continue to grow.



Keep up the Spice

American diners are now seeking new and exciting experiences for their taste buds, and hotel restaurants continue to search for the next perfect flavor. There has also been an increase in the interest in spicy flavors – which is the reason many hotel restaurants are now introducing ethnic condiments and spicy flavors in their dishes.


Happy Staff Makes Happy Customers

A focus on customer satisfaction is a great for any business to convince their customers to choose them. In order to achieve this maximum customer satisfaction many hotel businesses are now turning their attention towards training and engaging their employees and educating them regarding the importance of their attitude towards the customer. Gold standard service is the new norm, especially in the hospitality industry as a way to increase brand loyalty and encourage multiple visits.


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