Healthy sleep starts with your bedding.

effect of bed linen on sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in our lives. A good quality sleep can improve your physical as well as mental health and it is also important for safety. During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. In children and teens, sleep also helps support growth and development.


Most of the people could not get proper sleep at night. There can be many reasons for not getting enough sleep for example stress or poor bedding.


You may believe it or not, the wrong bedding affects sleep and it can turn into big problems in the future.


So, today is the right time to look for a proper solution to this problem. Here are some important points which you should keep in your mind while purchasing a new set of bedding.


Go for Natural Fiber Sheets

Breathability of the sheets is the most important point to keep in mind. Sheets made of microfiber-fabric composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester-are affordable and soft, and they resist pilling more than traditional polyester fabric does. However, polyester is less breathable than cotton and is probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin.  Natural fiber gives the most breathability; therefore, a set of cotton sheets is a great option.



Ideal Thread Count Range

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. The higher thread count means softer sheets.  The most ideal sheet for a quality sleep is a combed cotton sheet in the 300 to 400 threads count range.


Test the Sheets before buying

Most of the bedding stores have got testing sheets which are out of their packaging. Make sure to feel the sheets on your skin. If it’s rough and itchy, look in for any other sheets.



Wash Wisely and Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Wash your sheets once every week for proper hygiene and to maintain the quality of the sheets. Let your sheets soak in warm water for overnight, this will make cleaning easy and you won’t need to apply harsh chemicals like bleach to clear up the stains. Avoid keeping your sheets in dryers and try to apply fabric softeners.


Whenever you wake up, Make up your bed

A clean room means a better sleep. The people who make up their bed every morning are 20% more likely to get a good night’s sleep than those who do not make their beds. Try to sleep on clean and fresh sheets because it will not only give you a good night’s sleep but will protect your skin at the same time.


We hope you find these tips interesting and useful. Now it’s time for the question of the day. What is that one thing which you always need near you while you’re sleeping? It can be your phone or favorite stuff toy! Let us know in the comments.



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