The pillow you choose for your hotel room can make or break your guest experience, but with a variety to suit individual preferences, how do you choose the perfect pillow to furnish your guests with a good night’s sleep?

Here, we break down the two most popular pillows to choose from: Cluster Vs Gel Fiber.


Cluster Fiber Filled Pillow

The ideal top-of-the-line Cluster fiber fill pillow contains Virgin hollow siliconized cluster fiber. Each strand of fiber is meticulously processed and spiraled into tiny bean-sized balls to give the pillow resilience when it is compressed and reverts back to the original position when fluffed up. The varying sizes of each fiber cluster allows them to fit snuggly together to naturally provide that soft extra-cozy surface.

Another benefit is that premium fiber is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, odorless and easy to clean. Yes, you can wash these pillows and they will quickly dry; dust mites will never be a concern again.

Thanks to the soft, breathable fiber is that cluster fibers allow air to flow freely so body temperature is regulated and your guests get a deep, restful sleep. The ticking or shell is usually made from 100% combed cotton or 50/50 poly-cotton blend.

If you see the above specifications, you can rest assured that your pillows will be soft, springy, durable and will not clump or flatten after prolonged use or washing.


Gel Fiber Filled Pillow

This pillow is the closest to the plush coziness of down, minus the allergens, so you get the best of both worlds. The gel fiber fill provides breath-ability, promotes air flow and has cooling properties as it does not retain heat. It is chemical-free, anti-allergenic and antimicrobial – perfect for anyone suffering from asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues.

For durability and resilience, look for a manufacturer that offers a rich polyester virgin gel fiber fill in a 100% combed cotton encasement. This type of pillow is perfect for an upscale hotel and will accommodate any type of sleeper with its amazing downy fluffiness and cooling qualities.

Whether you choose cluster fiber or gel fiber, make sure to look for a double needle stitched case, which doesn’t only look elegant but locks in the threads to prevents seam stitching from unraveling after long term usage and wash cycles.