Finding The Best Hotel Pillow

In the hotel business, success depends on our guests feel welcomed into a warm and comfortable environment. The most essential factor in the booking of a hotel room is one driving factor: guests need a great night’s sleep. It is scientifically explained that one of the most important and supporting factors towards a person’s health is the state of sleep, therefore, your hotel guests look forward to the best sleeping experience.


As soon as your guests open the door to their room, they have an instant first impression.  How well they sleep, and how comfortable they are – that’s what really creates a lasting impression about your hotel.


Pillows are the single most overlooked, yet most important element to creating a comfortable and welcoming experience. As a hotel professional, you need to understand that choosing the right pillows is more important than you might have assumed.




Traveling can give an excellent chance for relaxation, and a plush pillow is the first demand of a guest arriving at the hotel. Having the right pillow in a hotel room is not only comforting for a guest but it also plays an essential role in supporting the complex structures of the head, neck, hips, shoulders, and spine. It also helps in keeping the upper body in alignment during sleep, moreover, it supports in relieving pressure and counterbalancing points in the body.


A high pillow can ultimately change the position of the neck which can cause muscle strain on back, neck, and shoulders. By keeping all the factors in mind, it is important to offer the right pillow to your customers.


female hands corrected pillow on the bed


At D-ZEE Textiles, we manufacture and distributes an extensive range of essential, elegant and durable hospitality products.


Superior Comfort


Our pillows offer superior comfort by providing neck and head support in all sleeping positions.




Our pillows are allergen free and will help to relive for people with allergies-related conditions thus ensuring the comfort and safety of their users for years to come.


Anti-Microbial Protection


Uses ultra-Fresh, anti-microbial technology that remains effective after multiple washes.


Double Needle Stitching 


A double needle stitching sidewall was engineered into the pillow to provide extra support and reinforced corded edges are added to hold it all together and eliminate breakdown and unravel.


Easy Care


These low-maintenance pillows are antimicrobial, which means that the pillows themselves prevent the growth of mold, mites, or mildew. When cleaning becomes necessary or desired, the pillow may be washed in a standard washing machine using a gentle, cold cycle without bleach. They may be dried in a drier using a low tumble dry setting.