FAQs about Hotel Towels Answered by Our Product Specialist

We get a lot of emails inquiring about hotel towels and we have decided to address them through this article. Making a purchase decision for your hotel is difficult because you want to choose the best product for your hotel guests and want it to be durable and long-lasting as well and secretly wish it to be easy on your wallets too! To help you make smarter choices, we have shortlisted some of the frequently asked questions, answered by our Product Specialist; Katherine Logan.

Question: Should we purchase cotton towels or microfiber towels?

Katherine: I get this question a lot and I want people to understand the nature of cotton and microfiber to decide for themselves. Cotton is a natural fiber while microfiber is man-made, manufactured from the waste of petroleum and other substances. Products made from microfiber may cause allergies to guests with sensitive skin while cotton is much safer since it’s a natural fiber. Also, cotton is a breathable fabric while microfiber wicks away moisture instead of absorbing it. Not to forget, cotton is much softer and easier to wash. But, you’ll get microfiber products at cheaper rates. It is for you to decide but if you need my recommendation then cotton towels without a second thought!

Question: What is the right method to wash hotel towels?

Katherine: You may wash your hotel towels easily without damaging them. Use a mild detergent and wash your towels in a washing machine on a low heat. Make sure you do not use any fabric softener because, over the period of time, the softener develops a waxy layer on the towel and reduces its absorbency. However, the towels will need enough space to spin in the washing machine so don’t just dump all the towels in the washing machine. Good quality towels are engineered to withstand institutional laundering and you don’t have to worry about frequent washing.

Question: How do I make hotel towels last longer?

Katherine: By not using them. Ha-Ha. Just kidding. You need to use a mild detergent in small amounts to wash your towels. Using a harsh detergent will reduce the softness and feel of the towels and washing with a lot of detergents would not do you any extra good, so go easy! Fabric softeners will reduce the absorbency of the towels and completely damage them over the period and are a no-no. Also, make sure your towels are properly dried before you serve them to the next guest. If you want to maximize the towels’ absorbency, add a small cup of vinegar when rinsing but do not overdo it.

Question: Can we use bath towels as pool towels as well?

Katherine: Well, you can but the question is should you? And of course, you shouldn’t! Every towel has its own function and is manufactured in a different manner to fulfill that need. A bath towel is expected to absorb the water and leave the body dry and fresh but you may need the pool towel to wrap around yourself before or after swimming and definitely not for wiping the body dry! The style, absorbency, texture and everything are different for each towel and I recommend that you invest in our Cabana Pool Towels or Solid Pool Towels for a luxurious pool experience and let the bath towels do their job!