Extend the Life of Your Hotel Linen and Cut Out Your Hotel Linen Expenses

The simplest way to raise the bottom line of a hospitality business is to extend the life of your linens. In this way, a hotel can save up to half of its operating cost.


Experts have estimated that hotels can lose 15-20 percent of their precious linen inventory every year to premature loss. It doesn’t take much longer in converting these small expenses into big losses that’s why prevention is better than cure.


“A big challenge facing the hospitality industry is the pressure to reduce operational costs and invest in environmental efforts, and this study shows there is an opportunity to achieve both goals by better managing hotel linen,” said Hans de Ridder, Vice President Fabric Care and Laundry, Diversey Care.


The first thing which a hotel guest notices while entering the hotel room is the quality of the linen. If the bedding shows the sign of wear and tear, or if towels are stained and have an unpleasant odor, it gives a sign of negative impression to the guest. Moreover, the research also shows that 96% of the guest are less likely to return to that particular hotel. The hoteliers will be shaken to hear that 95% of the respondents also said that they would tell about this poor experience to others.


A study shows that a typical hotel with 120-rooms can spend nearly about $65,000 on linen laundering and this cost can double if the linen gets damage, therefore, it is important to purchase quality linens which last longer.


The most common topic we all hear when it comes to hotel linen is how to manage them while washing or changing. Most of the people also have questions about what color linen is the most welcoming when it comes to a guest’s perception.


In this blog, you’ll learn about how can you offer excellent service to your hotel guests, at the same time, extending linen life and saving the operating cost?


How to Prolong the Life of Your Hotel Linen Inventory?

Out of all the difficulties faced by hotel management, linen loss may sound minor but this problem can affect a hotel’s bottom line.


For any hotel, providing clean linens to guests can rapidly turn out to be extremely costly. Not simply keeping supplies clean enough to fulfill guests yet, in addition, the expense of replacing used materials as they wind up unsuitable for use.


Protection of the inventory doesn’t require armed guards but yet it’s important to invest in the proper care of the linens. Here’s how you can prolong the life of your hotel linen inventory.



1. Polymer Bead-Based Washing System: The main reason why washing linens repeatedly make it worse than before is due to the traditional cleaning systems. Bring some change into your laundry actions by investing in polymer bead-based washing system which doesn’t relies on water. The beads absorb stains and contaminants from linens just like a sponge absorbs water and doesn’t harm your linen.


2. Avoid Continuous Washing: Using your hotel sheets most often will require continuous washing which is harmful to the linen. Try to give a gap of at least 24 hours between every single use to avoid ceaseless washing.


3. Avoid Multiple Stains: A hotel’s housekeeping staff is the most important asset when it is required to store linen for a long-term period. They are responsible to ensure that all laundry services for the hotel’s guests are done as per the standard policies. The staff should make sure that after the dry-cleaning, washing, and pressing of the linen, it is kept separately and during the process, proper gloves are worn to avoid multiple stains.


How to Choose the Right Hotel Linen?



Look for Durable Sheets

Most of the hotel owners look in for linens that are budget-friendly yet durable for longer use. According to experts, every hotel should have at least 3 sets of sheets for each bed, one on the bed, one in the laundry and the last one in stock. Now the question that comes to our mind is which sheet lasts longer?


Pro Tip: While buying sheets for your hotel never focus on thread count only. Make sure to look in for good quality fiber, the weaving of threads and finishing process.


The sheets made with 100% Ring-spun premium long-staple combed cotton yarn are highly durable and offers a soft and plush feel to your guest. In the process, a very fine, strong, and soft rope of cotton fibers is made by twisting and thinning.


If you have a lower budget than you can also look in for blended sheets. They are usually made from premium combed cotton yarn and single pick weave for strength and durability.



Resilient Pillow

While buying pillows for a hotel we all look for a pillow which is comforting and excellent at supporting the complex structures of the head, neck, hips, shoulders, and spine. The pillow which helps in keeping the upper body in alignment during sleep and supports in relieving pressure and counterbalancing the points in the body.


Pro Tip: The pillow which can save your operating cost must have long-lasting resilience with a soft down-like feel to comfort guest and at the same time save cost.


Gel Fiber Vs Cluster Fiber: Gel fiber pillow is made with rich polyester gel fiber fill with great loft recovery for soft down like feel for durability whereas the synthetic cluster fiber is down alternative consists of clusters of synthetic fills, providing a puffy and lofty pillow. Gel Fiber pillow is great due to its support and firmness while the cluster fiber pillow comes with antimicrobial protection which makes it a great choice for guest with allergies.


Washing Tip: Whenever you attempt to wash a pillow look in for a care label and follow the given direction for better washing. If there’s no label then these tips might work. Use warm water for a gentle cycle in the beginning, add on some extra cold water and spin the cycle. Drop the pillows dry on low heat, fluffing and shifting them often.


Discover more about pillows, click here.



Running Blankets

Choosing the right blanket depends on the warmth, texture, and weight your guest prefers. Blankets, such as wool or cotton fleece are the warmest. The spaces between the fibers in a soft blanket trap warm air, preventing you from cold.



Thermal blankets are also a great choice due to their lightweight and will keep your guests cool through the summer and warm throughout the long winter months.


Washing Tip: To save up your blanket stock for years of comfort, wash them separately in cold water with a gentle cycle. Line drying is a recommended method by experts but you can also put them in the dryer with no heat setting.


Looking for blankets? Click here.



What makes a Duvet Cover last longer?

Next time when you plan to stock-up your duvet inventory, consider these following tips.


1. Look for Duvet Covers that are made of (60-40) combed Cotton and polyester or sateen blend because it offers long-lasting strength.

2. Anti-wear-and-tear construction guarantees longer fabric life.

3. Covers with a durable crease-resistant finish keep your bed top looking and sleek.


Style Tip: Envelope style Duvet Cover instantly creates a fresh new look in your hotel room and adds an extra layer of cozy warmth for enhanced comfort throughout the year, from one season to the next.



Extra Protection for Pillows

With the regular use in hotel, pillows often get stained and yellow because of the body oils that flows through the pillowcase and directly onto the pillow. Pillow protectors help with this by providing an extra layer of protection and fight from dust and mites and allergens.


D ZEE’s Style Range: Our pillow protectors have a high-quality rustproof hidden nylon zipper and the fabric is cooler and breathable whereas the French fold-style protectors are crafted from a unique blend of combed cotton and polyester which adds extra comfort and softness.



Pool towels that stay in service longer

Always look in for towels that are manufactured through rigorous quality control systems because it ensures that they withstand institutional laundering and deliver a significantly higher number of washes. Moreover, Vat dyed towels with fade resistant bright colors are ideal for pool side because of the chlorine in the pools.


Whether at the beach or the pool, your guest will love drying off with one of D ZEE’s stylish pool towels. Choose your favorite design, click here.


We hope these tips will help you in saving your operating cost and buying linen that lasts longer. If you think your idea of extending linen life can help others, don’t forget to mention in the comments below.

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