Set Your Hotel Property Apart with Custom Embroidery


Looking for an impressive new way to make your business stand out? You may want to consider custom embroidery!


Embroidery is a popular decoration method where your logo or design is sewn onto a piece of cloth using a needle and polyester thread. Mostly, embroidery process is fully automated using high tech machines and threads.


Being a hotelier, if you want to create a high-quality and long-lasting design to adorn your plain hotel linen and towels then go for embroidery over screen printing every time. Among the most common places like a hotel, one finds that embroidered linen and towels can add elegance to the room and make a strong first impression with those who see it.


Adding custom embroidery to your hotel or resort’s linen can make your essentials look more modern, stable, and organized. It can provide your hotel a higher perceived value. The properties that show extra consideration to make their linen refined, represent an air of good reputation and integrity.


Advantages of Custom Embroidery for Hotel Promotion


Here are a few ways in which custom embroidery can help in promoting your hotel.


1. Continuous Advertisement for Your Hotel


While most of the guests at a hotel enjoy the expensive and lavish room amenities but a few people prefer that these elegantly chosen linen and comforts would look similarly as extraordinary in their own homes – in this manner packing exciting stuff into their bags and hoping nobody takes note.




You cannot do much after the fact and without knowing who took them. Even if you did know, the guest could deny it. But still, hoteliers can work out with this issue in a smarter way. Stolen linen with your hotel’s logo can work as a walking billboard. With embroidery, you can accentuate the positive and keep your name in the minds of your guests.


2. Professional Look


Embroidering your hotel’s logo on the bed and bath linen can be a great way to build brand awareness and exposure. Embroidery gives a more professional look rather than screen print. If you want your exceptional hotel linen to stand out, while also calling attention to your business, especially when used on many types of items and materials then go for a custom design.




3. Quality and Durability


Investing in professional custom embroidery designed linen in worth because of its quality and durability. The design is hard-wearing and suitable to stand out in institutional laundering. Moreover, the colors of the embroidery are vivid and will not fade away even in high temperature. Hotel linen is in continuous use mostly, in the holiday season but the tough and hard-wearing stitching of embroidery preserves it by common wear and tear.




4. Differentiate Your Hotel from Others


Every production has its industry practices that can revolve around marketing, pricing, distribution, service or even product design. Having your personalized bed and bath linen can easily differentiate your hotel or resort’s amenities from others. Firstly, it helps you in reaching out from your competitors at the same time making your business look more professional and refined.


Embroidered bed sheets and towels are good examples of a professional and all-over polish amenities for your guests at the hotel.


5. Established Business


Custom weaving may give your guests the feeling that you are a built-up and reputed hotel. It might appear to be straightforward, but embroidery takes time to create and this is an immediate connection to the lifespan of your hotel to the guests.




Finding the Right Embroider


The market is full of people offering embroidery services but finding the right embroider can be a hassle. Before booking one for your customized design you need to set a budget. Make sure not to cut corners so much as this might affect the quality of your embroidery.




Custom Order Program


At D-ZEE Textile LLC, we invite you to take advantage of our custom order program where we offer customized Terry Towels, Bed Linen and Bath Amenities. Custom embroidery and custom labeling is also available. Here’s how our custom order program works.




Custom Embroidery Pricing


Full Color Single Logo of up to 6000 Stiches. Maximum Size of Embroidery 6-inch x 6 Inch Minimum Order 48 Pieces. One Time Digitizing and Sample Cost $ 99.99.

Less than 96 Pieces $3.95 Each and 96 Pieces or More $2.95 Each.


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