Why do Cotton bed sheets pill? And how to prevent this from happening.

One of the main objectives of every hotel is to meet their guest’s expectation by making them feel at home. The most crucial part for the hotel management in reaching this goal is to provide proper sheeting options to their customers for a comfortable night’s sleep. Apart from that, it is necessary to make sure that linens used in suites and bedrooms are fresh and clean.


Adele Gutman of HKHotels – which runs some of the most popular guest-reviewed websites in New York, shares this advice:


“You need to WOW them. You need to give them something to talk about. You need to shower your guest with so many magical moments that they leave the hotel excited and inspired to take the time to want to share their experience with the world. People like to do nice things for nice people.”


When it comes to offering the right set of sheets to your hotel guests, natural cotton sheets are an excellent choice. These sheets are extremely breathable and more comfortable to sleep rather than those made from synthetic materials. Investing in the right set of sheets is highly important for the hotel management to prevent future loses.


A study by Metabolic shows that a typical hotel with 120-rooms can spend nearly about $65,000 on linen laundering and this cost can double if linen gets damaged, therefore, it is important to purchase higher quality linens which last longer.


As a hotelier, you already know that customer expectations continue to rise. From price to quantity, to any other details, customers these days are very specific about what they want. When you plan to invest in 100% cotton sheets you need to be aware that linen made from shorter fiber will experience a greater possibility of pilling. Moreover, the blended fabrics such as poly-cotton can also begin pilling if used roughly.


Before jumping to the conclusion it’s better to understand the word ‘pilling’ and what causes it?



What is Pilling?

A pill is usually known as a bobble, fuzzball, or lint ball of fibers that forms on a piece of cloth. At the time when a cotton strand breaks or disentangles from a weave, the raw end knots, join up and turn into a little ball, or pill. The unevenly broken place is uncomfortable for sleeping and also shortens the life of your sheets.


How to Prevent Pilling?

Any type of sheets that go through a constant usage and consistent washing will experience pilling at some point. If you’re looking for ways to improve the quality of your guests’ stay by providing ultimate comfort than upgrading the quality of your sheets can be the right option. There are a few steps which hoteliers can take to avoid pilling from their existent sheets. Here’s how.


Look for Sheets With Anti-Pilling 

The initial step to consider while purchasing bed linen is to count the product quality, ensure that the fabric is gone through leading-edge manufacturing processes. Anti-pilled products are ideal for the hotel use because the finish helps in reducing the pills on the fabric made from cotton or synthetic fiber. In the process, the sheets are moved to chemical treatments which intend to overcome the strength of fibers to loosen and also to reduce the mechanical resistance of synthetic fiber.


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Sheets Fit for Institutional Laundering

Most of the pills on fabrics form due to rubbing or abrasion during normal wear and use. The pills are usually found on the areas of clothing or linens that receive the most abrasion in day-to-day use, such as bed sheets.


Next time look in for products that are manufactured through rigorous quality control systems because it ensures that they withstand institutional laundering and deliver a significantly higher the number of washes. Also, while buying sheets for your hotel never focus on thread count only. Make sure to look in for good quality fiber, the weaving of threads and finishing process.

Learn more about thread count here.


Invest in Good Quality Laundry Systems

Effectively protecting your hotel’s linen inventory can be an essential task as it is the most used item in the hotels where visitors are staying every other day. Protection of the inventory doesn’t require armed guards but yet it’s important to invest in the proper care of hotel linens.


The main reason why washing linens repeatedly make it worse than before is due to the traditional cleaning systems. These cleaning systems rely on high temperature and chemical cleaning which is harmful to your hotel linen. This is how an older commercial laundry machine can wear out your hotel’s delicate linens and increase the chance of pilling.


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Start by investing in polymer bead-based washing system which relies on water. The beads absorb stains and contaminants from linens much like a sponge absorbs water and doesn’t harm your linen.


Say No to Harsh Detergents, Bleach or Fabric Softeners

It is good to pretreat the stains on the sheets before putting them into the washing machine. But make sure not to use harsh detergents, bleach or fabric softeners. When you dry your sheets, try not to dry them for a long time because this can increase the lint on your sheets. Always use mild detergents on the linen or go for some specialized detergents.



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Drying Sheets Without a Dryer

Dryers can be a harmful choice for your bed linens, therefore, it is good to dry out the linens on an outside clothesline. Make sure not to put the sheets in a shadow area, protecting them from direct sunlight. This will minimize the wear and tear caused by the dryer’s tumbling movements, thus, preventing the sheets from pilling.




If drying your sheets on an outside clothesline is not possible then set the dryer setting to the low heat cycle. Remove immediately after the cycle ends so that you do not over-dry the fabric’s fibers.


Review the Manufacturer’s Care Instructions

Before using your sheets, take out time and read out the manufacturer’s care recommendations for a longer life of your sheets. Every material has its own caring options such as cotton-polyester blends will generally come out of the dryer less wrinkled than all-cotton sheets. Bamboo, linen, and silk sheets are likely to pill after several washes; therefore, they need some extra care.



Wash Sheets Separately 

You might have heard about this tip before to not wash all your linens together because it might harm your sheets. The reason for this very simple! The sheets, due to their size and design tend to ball up in the washer and dryer. When spinning in the washer, sheets trap other smaller items like kitchen linens and pillow covers inside them which can further develop wrinkles and result in pilling. Another reason why you should wash your bed linens separately is that it gives the sheets more room to circulate in the water and cleaning all the stains easily.


Say No to Microfiber Sheets

Nothing is worse than crawling into bed at the end of a long busy day at work and getting tangled up in a bedding that you do not like. The only question that comes to mind is how do you know what kind of bedding you need?


Sheets are essential for every bed but there is a huge variety of materials that can be found in the market. Among various materials, the microfiber sheet is not a suggested option.


Microfiber is a synthetic material made from polyester and it is now being used to make bedsheets. It is a man-made fabric rather than a natural one like cotton or poly-cotton. Microfiber consists of finely woven fibers that are closely knit together which does give the material a silky texture but it also makes it less breathable.



Microfiber resists pilling more than traditional polyester fabric does, therefore, people who are looking for anti-pilled sheets often prefer it but you need to know that microfiber is probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin and also for the overall comfort of your hotel guest.


Execute these preventions and let your guest enjoy those soft smooth sheets for the years to come.


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