Why Your Hotel Should Consider Partnering with an Airline


The hospitality industry is changing and evolving with every passing day and so should your hotel, to keep up with the competition. People come to the United States from different parts of the globe via different airlines and the first thing that stresses them is managing conveyance to the hotel, immigration chaos and more. Here are some of the reasons that shall convince you to partner with an airline in the coming times.


1. Offers a Complete Package to the Guests

One thing that guests are most worried about when travelling is managing everything from different sources. From taking a flight to catching a taxi, from managing conveyance to finding a responsible tourist, it’s all a chaos. Through your partnership with an airline, your guests will know that they are taken care of from their homes to the hotel and back home. Since you’d be partners, guests will know they wouldn’t have to worry much at the airport nor would they have to book everything separately. The ease that comes along with for guests will help them choose you and the airline, in pursuit of either one.


2. Easier to Reward Loyalty

Rewarding guests for their loyalty towards your hotel isn’t always easy. May be you offer them something that they have already purchased, like a free trip to somewhere and they would be like ‘Umm. But we don’t need it’ or may be a discount isn’t as much of a value to them as you may think. With your partnership with an airlines, the opportunities to award loyalty doubles and you would have more ways to say your thank you. How about a surprise upgrade to the business class? Or a luxurious car to receive them at the airport? Or a collaborative reward that makes their entire trip a treat would just be perfect.


3. Insights to Guests’ Travel Plans

Knowing the travel plans of your guests will give you a lot of information and will also help you cater new guests. For example, if you find out one of your guests is travelling to the United States again, you can instantly send a discount coupon via email or if you know that a family is soon to visit a state, you can email them with a relevant deal or package. You would also know if people travel alone or with families, whether seasons have an impact on who one travels with and more things that you would be hard to find otherwise. This knowledge can be helpful in forming your strategies and in forecasting.


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