The Importance of Careful Color Selection in Your Hotel

The Importance of Careful Color Selection in Your Hotel

The importance and impact of colors on one’s mind and body is underrated. The clothes you are wearing right now have an influence on how you would feel throughout the day and the shades in your office have an impact on the productivity level of your employees. Not to forget that the colors in your hotel make your guests feel in a particular way because vision is one’s most important sense. Let us understand how different colors can be used to bring guests back to your hotel and keep the refreshed during the stay.

Effect on the Mind

Have you ever noticed that bright colors add a sense of excitement and fun to your day while subtle colors relax your mind and make you feel warm and composed? The colors in your hotel similarly influence your guests and make them feel in a certain way. When people are away from home, exploring a new place or looking for a timeout from their monotonous life, they want tranquility, therefore, whites, blues and greens are a good choice. On the contrary, blue is said to be the color of mind and makes you wonder as you watch it. This wondering shall serve as a distraction and restaurants avoid the presence of blue as it keeps guests from ordering more. Before deciding the colors of your furniture or towels, make sure you study the impact of each color and color combination to get the most of each area.

The Importance of Careful Color Selection in Your Hotel

Brand Perception

The colors you use in your logo reflect your brand personality and help form a certain perception in the minds of your guests. Let us say your logo is red and orange, therefore, it will attract young adults who are travelling for fun but a blend of white and black will rather attract those who are business travelers or families who are into experiential travelling. The colors you use in the hotel sends a direct message of who you are and who you work for.

The Importance of Careful Color Selection in Your Hotel

Focus and Attention

Some colors are hard to ignore like yellow and red while some naturally blend in. Using the right colors at the right places will help you draw your guests’ attention where it should be, such as offers and discounts on bulk purchasing or that $20 discount for the weekend! If you right such messages in black and white, the guests may walk by and not notice but a tinge of red will make it hard to ignore. If architecture is your hotel’s best friend, brighter colors can help enhance it while messages you wish the guests don’t really focus on can be added with subtle shades. If you wish your guests to find about the new swimming pool or museum but don’t want to force them for a visit, use colors like red, yellow, purple and orange to generate their interest. Let the colors speak for you, sometimes!


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