As the weather directions tilt towards summers, hotels and resorts near the beaches get stormed with people from all over USA look for a location where they can find complete relaxation and peace. What is a better way to vacation than lying on the sand, sunbathing as the waves crash on the shore?

To enhance this beaching experience of your customers, D-ZEE Textiles brings its famous Cabana towels which would prove to be the perfect companion for your customers.

1. Cabana pool towels of D-ZEE are among the best quality towels produced by the hospitality industry. Specially designed to cater the needs of hotels near beaches and resorts with exotic pools, these colorful striped towels available in colors of Blue, Yellow, & Mint Green which would add hue to your environment.

2. These towels are manufactured with 100% cotton which makes them increasingly absorbent. Pre-washed, these towels are usable right from the time you buy them, a trait not common to many towels in our industry.


3. Cabana pool towels have the feature of vat dye which makes them fade-resistant; its color does not spread on the user nor does it easily fade away, even after several washes. Thus, ultimately the towel’s durability and life increases, making them highly sustainable.

These double-needle stitched towels would sure provide your customers immense comfort and luxury, as D-ZEE products always do!