Best Practices for Reducing Your Hotel Linen Inventory Expenses

Out of all the considerable difficulties faced by hotel managers, linen loss may feel irrelevant but experts have estimated that hotels can lose 15-20 percent of their precious linen inventory every year due to premature loss. The simplest way to raise the bottom line of a hospitality business is to extend the life of your linen. Investing in good quality linen is a good start to save on the operating costs of any hotel.


We all know that hotel linen cannot last forever but through proper measurement and tracking hoteliers can have a better understanding of premature loses which will help in saving their linen inventory.


“A big challenge facing the hospitality industry is the pressure to reduce operational costs and invest in environmental efforts” said Hans de Ridder, Vice President of Fabric Care.


For every upscale to mid-scale hotel, linen is the most used inventory that comes under the responsibility of the housekeeping department. Hotels need to realize that not even the greatest housekeeping tips can keep all of their hotel linens from walking away with the guest or getting damaged due to rough use. But being prepared can reduce this loss quite significantly.


Linen loss falls into two broad categories: explained loss and unexplained loss. Explained losses include stains, tears and wear out, while unexplained losses include theft. A few years back Linen Technology Tracking, a Miami-based company, patented a radio-frequency identification chip intended to keep a real-time inventory of commonly misplaced or stolen goods.


Here are some best practices for preventing losses in your hotel linen:



Provide Proper Cleaning Cloths to Housekeeping

If your hotel isn’t providing a good supply of cleaning cloths to the staff and cleaning items to guests, they will turn to your hand towels and washcloths. Not only does this harm the material, it can also cause unremovable stains, both of which shorten the life of your expensive hotel linen.


For hoteliers, it is important to spend extra time in providing proper cleaning materials to the housekeeping staff and to make sure that the guest rooms are equipped with paper towels, sponges or reusable cleaning products.



Managing Your Inventory

One of the most difficult challenges faced by the inventory management team in hotels is determining how much stock is required for the particular period. Excessive use of the hotel linen means the number of washes will ultimately exceed which will result in a premature loss.


With the help of par level management, the inventory managers can determine the minimum level of inventory required to be on hand for a specific period. According to experts, every hotel should have at least 3 set of sheets for each bed, one on the bed, one in the laundry and the last one in stock.



Invest in Good Quality Sheets

Always look in for products that are manufactured through rigorous quality control systems because it ensures that they withstand institutional laundering and deliver a significantly higher the number of washes. Also, while buying sheets for your hotel never focus on just the thread count. Make sure to look in for good quality fiber, the weaving of threads and the finishing process.



Look in for Modern Commercial Laundry Systems

The main reason why washing linens repeatedly make it worse than before is due to the traditional cleaning systems. These cleaning systems rely on high temperature and chemical cleaning which is harmful to your hotel linen. An older commercial laundry machine can wear out your hotel’s delicate linens. Bring some change into your laundry actions by investing in polymer bead-based washing system which relies on water. The beads absorb stains and contaminants from linens much like a sponge absorbs water and doesn’t harm your linen. Additionally, hotels can also invest in good quality laundry cleaners.



Keeping Proper Track of Linen

For hoteliers, it is important to keep proper tracking of hotel linen inventory to prevent premature losses. For maintaining an initial record of your par stock of linen in each department, an intent is to be made by the floor supervisor and the department in charge.


“When the linen inventory is managed directly, it creates savings across the operation of the hotel. When linen inventory is not managed correctly and there are shortages, it can create inefficiencies in the daily operations,” explains Pablo Lucchesi, managing partner of Crown Linen, serving hotels in the Miami area.



Invest in the Right Commercial Laundry Detergent

Right after investing in good quality linen the hoteliers need to protect their hotel linen inventory with the right commercial laundry detergent. At D ZEE Textiles LLC, you’ll find an extensive range of essential, elegant and durable hospitality products. All of our high-performance and standard laundry detergents have the ability to remove stains from polyester and cotton fabrics in both hot and cold water. Click here to order.



Proper Training of Staff

No matter what business you run, the training of employees plays an important role. Proper training of the staff will not only help in improving guest satisfaction but also helps in boosting the bottom line of your hotel.


Your housekeeping staff is the most important asset when you’re required to store your linen for a long-term period of time. They are responsible to ensure that all laundry services for the hotel’s guests are done as per the standard policies. They should make sure that after the dry-cleaning, washing, and pressing of the linen, it is kept separately and during the process, proper gloves are worn to avoid multiple stains.


With absolute control and best practices by a commercial laundry service, your clean and fresh sheets will give a delightful experience to your guests. After all the guests are counting on you and your hotel sheets for a great night.



Remove Old Linens from Circulating

Hotel sheets or towels that have turned grey or damaged due to rough use should be removed from circulating immediately. There are two reasons for this action. Firstly, when a hotel guest enters the hotel room, the first thing they check is the quality of the linen. If the bedding shows any sign of wear and tear, or if the towels are stained and have an unpleasant odor, it gives a negative impression to the guest.


Moreover, research also shows that 96% of the guest are less likely to return to that particular hotel. The hoteliers will be shaken to hear that 95% of the respondents also said that they would tell about this poor experience to others. Secondly, when a linen is washed in the commercial laundering, it holds the cost of cleaning products, electricity, and other expenses.



Linen loss is inevitable for hotels and resorts properties, but with the help of the aforementioned tips, you can protect your hotel linen assets. Want to learn more about extending your hotel linen life? Click here.